Malaysians Like To Do These Things When There's An Accident On The Road

Why you all like this one?

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1. They either slow down to kepoh

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"How bad is it ah? Very teruk is it?"

2. Or they slow down to give them a judging stare

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"Ugh. How did you even pass your road test?"

3. The worst ones are those who wind down their windows to scold the victims...

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4. ... those who slow down (or even stop) to take photos and videos

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*Proceeds to send it to the family, makan kaki, and work WhatsApp groups. And then uploads it to Instagram Stories.*

5. ... and those who use the emergency lane to escape the jam

6. Most of us will merajuk in the car and send a text saying we’ll be late

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7. There will be a kind soul who will stop their car to help

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"You need help right? Come, come. I help you."

8. And their friends will help to redirect traffic

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"Ok jalan, jalan. Nothing to see. Just jalan."

9. The tech savvy ones will instantly mark the accident down on Waze

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"The world needs to know. AVOID THIS ROAD, GUYS."

10. Superstitious drivers will memorise the number plate so they can buy lucky numbers later

"Must remember the number. Maybe it's lucky."

11. And the car experts will start calculating the cost of the repair

"This one quite teruk. Confirm need at least RM3,000 to fix."

12. You’ll also start driving really carefully after seeing the crash too

"Wah. Here also can accident. Must drive extra carefully now."

Think we can all agree that the worst driver is the one who uses the emergency lane to escape the traffic jam

You should never use the emergency lane just to bypass someone or skip the traffic. It's a lane reserved for the ambulance, police, and firefighters when they're responding to an emergency situation. Earlier this year, it's reported that some road accident deaths were caused by drivers who hog the emergency lane

Remember to give way to the ambulance, police, and firefighters. Don't drive on the emergency lane

Watch this video to see how it can affect the emergency services:

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