8 Insane Things You Can Only Do If Your Car's Cargo Area Is This Huge

When you have more space than you know what to do with, think outside the box!

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1. Sneak out to play golf with your buddies

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Don't fear your wife's wrath when she says you can't go golfing, she'll never know that you've got your golfing equipment in your cargo area. If she's in a particularly bad mood, you can get your buddy to sneak you out, there's plenty of room to hide. ;)

2. Chill out with your loved ones, any place, any time

Spend some quality time with your family over the weekend by heading over to a park and setting up a mini-picnic in the cargo area. You could even bring along some games to play together. Wholesome family fun can be had in comfort without worrying about exposure to the recent heatwave.

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3. Kidnap that one friend who always FFKs you

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No longer will they be able to annoy you by cancelling plans at the last minute. They'll know that unless they have a good reason, you're going to show up and shove them in your car anyway so they might as well just preserve their dignity and come on their own.

4. Go on a foodie adventure: drive-thru style!

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We all love good food but famous food places are always full or it's hard to find a decent parking spot. Don’t let this stop you because now you can tapau and eat in the cargo area whenever and wherever you want.

Bonus: No more arguments resulting from trying to cater to everyone's different tastes and demands because you can now just grab food from as many places as you like :)

5. REALLY surprise your loved ones on their birthday...

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Requires a bit of pakat-ing (to make up some random reason to get the birthday person to actually go to the car and open up the trunk) but the look on their face when they find a whole bunch of you in there will be so worth it!

6. Take a power nap, fully stretched out in comfort when you're losing that battle with your heavy eyelids

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Safety first! Driving when you're tired is not only putting yourself and your passengers at risk, but also threatening the safety of other drivers around you. We know that sleeping in the car can be uncomfortable but rest assured that you don't have to nap in awkward positions that leave you feeling completely unrested and resulting in all kinds of body aches anymore. Now you can just pull over at a rest stop and sleep stretched out in comfort to your heart's content.

7. Bring the whole kampung on an EPIC roadtrip

Big families rejoice! You can all easily fit into one car to get around, no more having to split up and take multiple cars to get to the same destination. There'll even be leftover space for everyone's baggage.

8. Stock up on a whole lot of IKEA furniture

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Grab as much as you can handle in a day including shelves, high stools, and a fully assembled cabinet. Because no one likes having to make multiple trips and extra delivery charges.

Now that your eyes have been opened to 'bigger horizons', you'll never want to go back

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