Guys, This Bag Is Made Out Of A Real Frog. A REAL FROG

We're croaking. T.T

Cover image via @anabelle_co (Instagram)

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You've heard of cowhide and exotic leather bags made out of crocodiles, snakes, and kangaroos. But have you ever heard of handbags made out of... frogs?

In the Philippines, there are small purses being sold which are made out of real frogs. Dead, of course.

A video posted by @anabelle_co, a Chinese-Filipino expat living in Malaysia, caught our attention when she recently shared about these frog purses she found on Boracay Island.

The shop seller confirmed that they are indeed real frogs. They stick on googly eyes, as they can't preserve the real ones because they will decompose when making the bags.  

Each frog purse comes with a long strap and a zip on the underside where you can store coins and other small items

Anabelle told SAYS that several Malaysians even dropped her a message to buy one for them before she returns home.

Here's the video she posted:

Frog coin purses are apparently known souvenirs often found in tourist shops across the Philippines

SAYS found one seller offering them on Shopee Philippines, although they're currently sold out. Another person mentioned on Twitter that you can even find the purse on Taobao.

Aside from handbags, this gift shop in the Philippines also turns them into keychains and coin purses without the strap:

Would you wear this frog purse? What do you guys think of them?

They're not real, but these cakes sure give the frog purses a run for their money:

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