[PHOTOS] Huawei's Campus In China Looks Exactly Like A European Village

Huawei's campus is located in Dongguan and spans 3.5 square miles.

Cover image via Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

This quaint 'English town' is known as Ox Horn...

... And it is actually a research and development campus for Huawei!

The ins-and-outs of Huawei's new campus, which allegedly cost USD1.5 billion (approximately RM6.2 billion) to build, was recently revealed to Getty Images photojournalist Kevin Frayer.

The 3.5 square mile property is based in Dongguan, China and houses over 25,000 employees

According to Business Insider, the employees live and work on the campus, which is located roughly an hour's drive north of Shenzhen.

Its different buildings are modelled after famous castles and palaces

Additionally, it is separated into 12 different "towns", which bear names such as "Verona", "Paris", and "Bruges".

A replica of the Palace of Versailles in the "Paris" town.

Image via Kevin Frayer for Getty Images/The Atlantic

To get around the sprawling campus, employees have the option to ride a bus or a train

However, some of the towns are also connected by bridges

Take a stroll through the towns and you'll find fountains and manmade lakes.

Speaking of strolling, the campus is not all just European-style buildings - there is also ample greenery that is a welcomed sight for sore eyes

Despite its opulent facades, within the buildings are your typical modern office layout

Take a look at Huawei's servers and production lines:

Good behaviour is ensured with advanced facial recognition systems

To feed all 25,000 of its employees, Huawei has built 12 cafeterias scattered throughout the campus

It's not your average cafeteria either, with some of it looking like replicas of Hogwarts' Great Hall.

Additionally, Huawei subsidises the food for its employees. 

Employees tend to also take naps or simply chill in some of the cafes and game rooms available during their lunch break

An employee attending a tea ceremony at one of the on-campus cafes.

Image via Kevin Frayer for Getty Images/Business Insider

Other relaxing activities that can be found at the campus include basketball, art classes, or simply chilling in the library

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