Jalan-Jalan For The Long Weekend? Travel Back In Time At This Enchanting Museum In Ipoh

The museum is near other popular tourist spots like Concubine Lane.

Cover image via Khadijah/SAYS

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If Ipoh's your destination for the long weekend or if you're looking for places to go just for vibes in the town, Time Tunnel is a must on your list

You might not notice the museum at first, as the ground floor of the shoplot is a vast display of beautifully-carved wooden furniture and sculptures made from high quality local lumber. 

Before heading to the museum, the uncle and auntie looking after the shop will be glad to tell you what makes the wood so special, they might even tell you a story or two about its history.

The museum itself is a floor above the woodwork display, and will cost you an entrance fee of RM8 (at the time of writing).

Image via Khadijah/SAYS

The museum takes up the two floors of the shoplot, with most of the memorabilia displayed on the first

Upon climbing the stairs, you will be greeted with an array of woven baskets and trays, and the exhibition begins with prints and articles detailing the history of Malaya and Ipoh itself. Various memorabilia decorate the corridors, ranging from old tiffin carriers to candy boxes, bicycles, and a barber chair with a mirror on the wall.

Image via Petit Go

Memorabilia are displayed by mini sections; everyday items, toys, school books and stationery, records and cassettes, movie posters, currency, and old photographs. The items of the museum are from personal collections and donations.

Image via Khadijah/SAYS

The floor also has a section that is designed to look like an old school kopitiam, complete with the table, chair, cash register, and kitchen — all of which are lined with items from the past

Dinnerware made from tin, old milk cans, vintage candy boxes, and toys decorate each display to recreate the scene from a kopitiam back in the day. 

Image via Khadijah/SAYS

Going up the short flight of stairs leads you to the loft of the museum, decorated like a tailor's room

In here you'll find more personal items like diaries, licences, and cosmetics. It's comparatively smaller than the exhibit on the first floor, but still filled with history regardless.

Image via Khadijah/SAYS

So why exactly should you visit Time Tunnel?

Visiting the museum is best if you're a lover of history, or if you'd just like to step away from the regular tourist attractions for a more intimate experience. 

But what would make the visit really worthwhile is if you take your parents, or someone who has lived through the times on display. The stories they tell from the nostalgia they get upon seeing the things they used to have when they were younger would really make the experience even more special.

Be sure to put this cosy little museum on your itinerary for your next visit to Ipoh!

Visit Time Tunnel - Ipoh Old Town at:
23, Jalan Panglima, Ipoh Old Town,
30000 Ipoh, Perak

Operating hours:
9am - 4.30pm (Daily)

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