[VIDEO] From Wearing Hanboks To Visiting Cool K-Pop Sets, Here's What You Can Do In Seoul

Nicky, Gwen, and Nat got the chance to visit the beautiful city, and they had an amazing time. :)

Cover image via SAYS (YouTube)

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Have you ever travelled to Seoul, South Korea before?

The city of Seoul has a captivating blend of ancient traditions and cutting-edge modernity. From its historic palaces to its futuristic skyscrapers, there's just so much to see as you explore everything the city has to offer. 

Whether you're visiting Seoul to try the delectable cuisine, or to shop to your heart's content, the city promises an adventure that you'll always cherish and remember. 

Well, guess what? We collaborated with HSBC for an exciting trip to Seoul, woohoo!

Watch the video below:

Nicky, Gwen, and Nat got the chance to visit the beautiful city, and boy, did they have a grand ol' time while they were there.

Upon reaching Seoul, the trio first headed to Gyeongbokgung Palace to experience the country's rich culture.

The best part? They got to wear hanboks while doing so! :D

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Gwen: "Gyeongbokgung Palace is the largest of the grand palaces built during the Joseon Dynasty, and carries 628 years of Korean history, culture, and tradition. The palace is massive, so why not rent a hanbok and serve some looks for Instagram?

HiKR Ground was another spot they chose to visit, as it featured attractions ranging from K-Drama to K-Pop.

Check out the cool shots they took in the vibrant spaces, uwaaaa.

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Gwen: "So, if you want to learn more about the Korean wave, or just want to do dance covers in K-pop worthy sets, HiKR Ground is somewhere you don't want to miss.

Since Korea has a strong gaming culture, a PC bang was next on the list of places to visit. The gaming café looks so cool. :D

Nicky: "So now, we're actually at a PC bang, because why not? Gaming is a super big culture here in Korea, and if you're a gamer like me, gaming doesn't stop when you go on vacation!"

Gwen: "I've also heard that PC bangs are little hidden gems of like, really good food! So, I am excited to try it."

They even managed to do a bit of shopping while in Seoul, and explored the city's bustling café scene!

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

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Image via SAYS (YouTube)

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