UNIQLO Sets Up Clothing Corner For Homeless In KL To Get Proper Attire

All clothes were donated by its customers.

Cover image via UNIQLO Malaysia (Facebook)

Living on the streets often leaves you with nothing but the clothes on your body

In an effort to help the homeless restart their lives, UNIQLO Malaysia recently launched a clothing corner at Kuala Lumpur's Homeless Transit Centre (Pusat Transit Gelandangan KL), a government initiative to help those on the streets get back on their feet.

With the help of the centre, those who seek jobs can access proper attire as they embark on their new lives

The clothes include casual wear, sports attire, and workwear – all of which are donated by UNIQLO's customers.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, 3 October, UNIQLO Malaysia announced the launch of its first clothing corner, which has been shared over 1,800 times.

Many praised the company for its initiative in restoring hope for those in need

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

UNIQLO's All-Product Recycling Initiative encourages customers to donate old clothing, which is then recycled into new products

If the clothes are wearable, they will be donated to refugees, disaster victims, and the underprivileged.

You can drop your pre-loved clothes at the recycling box at any UNIQLO store in Malaysia.

Image via UNIQLO

Here are other places in Klang Valley that can collect your old clothing and e-waste:

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