You Won't Believe Just How Many Epic Adventures You Can Have In Mauritius

You have to experience the Sega dance yourself!

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Before we go into the story, just LOOK at how breathtaking this island is *_*

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If you think that Mauritius is just another paradise island, you'll be surprised at how there's actually so much more to it than just endless stretches of gorgeous beaches

Just a mere direct 7-hour flight away with Air Asia X from LCCT this beautiful island nation of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean is one of the world's top luxury travel destinations.

Just check out all the epic adventures you can experience at this vibrant island nation!

1. Visit the safari in Mauritius; the memories will stay with you forever

Not what you were expecting from a paradise island getaway huh? Yep, you can have an African safari experience right there on the island itself. It's not every day that we get to be up close and personal with the wildlife, and it's definitely not something that everyone is fortunate enough to experience. There are many animal discovery expeditions available from various parks and perhaps the most exciting one would be guided walks with lions, tigers, and cheetah.

The lions roam freely amongst you offering a unique opportunity of being in close contact with them. With the supervision and guidance of the lions’ handlers, you can get even closer, and experience firsthand how it is to walk alongside the lions, lead them the way and even pet them. You will get to see how the lions interact between them, climb trees and even how they feed.
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2. Even if you're not a diver, you can still get a taste of the most memorable underwater excursions in one of the submarine tours

If diving isn’t your thing but you still want to venture into the underwater world, Blue Safari has a couple of alternatives for you to explore the depths of the Indian Ocean. Most importantly, you don’t need to be able to swim or dive to take part!

Single subscooter rides.

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There’s a submarine tour which goes to 35 metres below sea level, deeper than a diver can go. Besides that, there’s also the subscooter – which is a hybrid between a submarine and a scooter, and is as cool as it sounds. There are a few packages available to choose from, but whatever it is, you're bound to have one of the most unique underwater experiences in your life.

35-metre dive submarine dive.

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Submarine wedding under the sea.

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3. The unbelievable view of the Mauritius coastline on a Seakart combined with the adrenaline rush - oh yeah, this is a must-do!

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If you want a truly unique fun experience in the beautiful waters of Mauritius, get on a Seakart. Found exclusively in Mauritius, Seakart is a hybrid between a jetski and a speedboat, and sure is a kickass way to cruise around the South West coast of Mauritius. It's definitely one of those you'll-regret-if-you-don't-try-it activity. There is also a variety of packages available for either big or small groups, to cater to everyone's needs.

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4. Known for its beautiful beaches - it's difficult not to be entranced by their hypnotic clear waters

The endless white sandy beaches, the turquoise blue lagoons and the clean nice warm seawater all these are things for which Mauritius is so famous. There is an offshore riff almost around the whole island. It is the main factor in the genesis of this paradise with beaches and lagoons. The coastline of Mauritius is approximately 330 km long and nearly everywhere you can find the nice sandy beaches.

With incredibly clear waters and beautiful beaches, Mauritius is a diver’s mecca and surely a dream holiday location for the beach bums. All the beaches in Mauritius are open to public, equipped with parking areas and toilets. However, as most of the beaches are usually located near hotels, some of the best ones have been subtly claimed by them.

Crystal Rock, Mauritius

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5. The diversity and rich culture of Mauritius is evident in the lifestyle of its people but it is best represented by the amazing array of cuisine thanks to years of cultural assimilation

For a tiny island, Mauritius has amazing food, from Chinese dim sum, French gourmet dishes and Indian curries. Mauritius has an incredibly rich and diverse food culture, infused with influences from its mélange of inhabitants (Creole, French, Chinese and Indian people). The island is also blessed with fertile soil, so the local produce is incredible – from super-sized vegetables to sweet fruits.

Mauritian Chicken Curry at Tamassa.

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A variation of Mines Frire (fried noodles), with fish balls, Mauritian-style Cantonese dim sum, and dumplings.

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Creole Seafood at La Rougaille Creole.

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Mauritian curry.

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Street food is fantastic in Mauritius – you can get everything from fresh coconut water, chopped fruit covered in chilli and sugar, hot curries topped with chilli and pickles wrapped in buttery breads, and Chinese fried noodles. Mauritius also has fabulous restaurants – from local eateries with authentic food to gourmet places that serve Mauritian fusion food.

Mauritius street food is said to be amongst the best in the world.

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6. Although Mauritius is mainly an English and French-speaking nation, there are also a variety of other languages that are spoken within certain communities

Mauritians are no strangers to switching languages to best fit social situations, as a majority of them are fluent in both English and French. These two are the two preferred languages in educational and professional settings, while Mauritian Creole is the mother tongue for most Mauritians.

The media and literature in Mauritius are primarily in French, while other Asian languages like Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu are reserved for music, religious and cultural activities.

7. The diverse culture is rich with history and heritage, resulting in beautiful traditions such as the Sega dance

The Sega is a dance which originated from Madagascar and is the musical expression of the Mauritian way of life: joy and liveliness. Originally sung by men and women who had been sold as slaves to keep their spirits alive, the Sega is now a folk song that is a mainstay in Mauritian tradition.

A look at the Mauritius population might remind you slightly of home, with its multi-ethnic society. The ancestors of the Mauritian population are mainly of Indian, African, French and Chinese origin.

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Mauritius Sega Dancers on the beach.

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These mini highlights are just scratching on the surface of the magnificent island that is Mauritius

Just a convenient 7-hour flight away from KL, let Mauritius be your next #travelgoals and it'll win your heart over.

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