This RM800 Scarf Featuring The Kuala Lumpur Skyline Was Sold Out In Just 5 MINUTES

"You'll need bodyguards for this."

Cover image via Instagram @theduckgroup

Say what you will about the "tough economic climate", Malaysians are still willing to fork out a lot of money for exclusive fashion pieces. Case in point - this RM800 scarf.

Hefty price tag aside, the scarves were so well-received that they were sold out in a mere five minutes within its launch yesterday. Five minutes. Think on that for the next five seconds.

In fact, the hype surrounding the scarf was so talked about it became a trending topic on Twitter:

There's a good reason why the scarf is so highly-coveted. The pink satin silk scarf, a creation of the dUCK brand by local fashion entrepreneur Vivy Yusof, is Malaysia's 'National Gift' for the Miss Universe 2016 pageant with only a few hundred pieces available around the world.

The dUCk scarf, featuring a detailed print of KL's iconic skyline, will be delivered to 110 countries in conjunction with the Miss Universe 2016 final at the end of this month.

dUCk scarves, an offshoot of Vivy Yusof's Fashion Valet, is considered a premium brand for scarves and shawls, with items priced between RM120 to RM300.

Now for the pièce de résistance. Each scarf is embellished with 200 Swarovski crystals - painstakingly pressed into the fabric one by one - for a subtle, classy sparkle

"Swarovski has even given these dUCks its Brand Seal to certify the authenticity of their crystals, seeing how rare this KL dUCk is," the brand wrote on an Instagram post.

"Because it was so hard to make, this dUCk is highly exclusive with only a few hundred pieces made for the world."

Do you think the scarf is worth its RM800 price tag? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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