This Star-Studded Watsons Raya Ad Was Completely Filmed At Home And We Totally Love It

Raya is definitely gonna be different this year, but that doesn't mean it won't be fun!

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Even though the Movement Control Order (MCO) has been partially lifted now, Raya is still going to be very different this year

No Ramadan bazaars, no going to mosques, no gathering for buka puasa, no balik kampung, and definitely no open houses :(

With all of us adapting to the new normal and continuing to practice social distancing, it's probably hard for many of us to get into the festive mood. For some, it may not even seem like Raya at all.

But though we're apart, there are actually lots of ways to make this Raya just as fun and exciting as it always is!

Though we're apart, there are actually lots of ways to make this Raya just as fun and exciting as it always is. Watsons is reminding us of this with their 2020 Raya ad.

The heartwarming yet totally entertaining video is a great reminder of what Raya is truly all about. It definitely shows why we don't have to be disappointed about Raya this year, as it's all down to how you make the most of things.

The star-studded video includes many Malaysian celebs. Top local YouTuber Alyssa Dezek played Siti, the adorable main character, while the legendary Dato' Jalaluddin Hassan played the father.

Other popular stars, such as Ayda Jebat, Nazrudin Rahman, Yaya Zahir, Jinnyboy, Amber Chia, Sean Lee, Fiqrie Dahari, and more, also make appearances as various family members and friends.

Watch it below:

It starts off with a little girl freaking out because of all the things that are making Raya different this year. We totally feel you Siti :(

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But then, she gets a call from Ayda Jebat, who cheers her up and reminds her that Raya will still be celebrated, no matter what. Awwww, that really hit us right in the feels!

Though we can't physically be with our loved ones, we can still get together via group call. It'll be even more fun if everyone gets all decked out in their baju raya.

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We can even show our love by getting gifts delivered to our friends and family. And duit raya also can send virtually okay? ;)

Watsons has also released other fun videos that encourage everyone to keep up good hygiene habits, stay healthy, and look good for Raya. Check them out below:

Personal care:



Oral care:



Plus, they're also having a Jualan Jimat Selamat, in which you can get up to 50% off at all Watsons outlets as well as their online store!

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You'll even get cashback when you shop! Watsons members will get RM5 cashback when paying with the Touch 'n Go eWallet, on a minimum spend of RM60.

Don't forget to browse through the Watsons eBazaar for all your festive needs

Image via Watsons

This is Watsons' first-ever eBazaar. They have everything you could possibly want or need, including food, cookies, hampers, and gift sets, as well as beauty, skincare, hair, body care, and health products.

Check it out here from 6 - 30 May 2020.

They're also giving out up to RM1,000,000 of duit raya!

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All you have to do is sign up to be a Watsons member and you'll automatically receive your share of the duit raya, in the form of Watsons points. The first 100,000 new members to register will get RM10 worth of points each, until the RM1,000,000 has been fully redeemed.

Sign up now to claim your share!

Watsons ucapkan Salam Aidilfitri to all Malaysians! Walaupun jauh di mata, kita masih beraya :)

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