Looking To Save Electricity At Home? Here Are 5 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Family

So you can spend more time with the family while also saving electricity!

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Looking to control how much electricity you use?

Since we're spending a lot of time at home, it's no surprise that we're turning on our lights, air con, and other appliances more frequently. This may result in higher electricity consumption. 

But while there are many ways we can conserve electricity at home, that doesn't mean we have to sacrifice having fun with the family. In fact, there are tonnes of fun activities you can do with the family, while also saving energy together at the same time!

Here are some creative, energy-saving activities you can do together at home:

1. Swap online games and screen time with board games or challenges

Instead of being glued to your phone, computer, or TV, why not make a simple challenge or play board games to kill time? 

For instance, plan a simple challenge that requires your loved ones to hunt for clues placed around the house. Or, you could even challenge your partner with workout or house chore challenges to determine who does them better. To make it more competitive, set a time limit to complete the challenge!

2. Spend time gardening or sprucing up your balcony together

Image via Dear Designer

Other than breathing in the fresh air, you'll also notice how spending time decorating your balcony or gardening makes a great bonding sesh.

You can also opt to adorn your balcony or home with indoor plants that can ultimately help keep your house cool. This way, not only will your home look brighter and cosier, you'll realise that you won't have to switch on the air con frequently. 

3. Turning clean-up into a fun family activity

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With increased time spent at home, it's more important than ever to ensure the home is tidy. To get your family members excited, create a scoreboard and hand out points based on the number of tasks completed! The one with the most points will get to decide what the next family activity will be!

For example, award your loved ones with 15 points if they wipe down the windows, or with 10 points if they sweep the floor. For more difficult tasks like cleaning the air con filter, award them with 100 points!

Whilst we are on this, it's important to clean the air con filter. By replacing a clogged and dirty filter with a clean one, we improve the air con's performance, leading to reduced energy consumption.

So, not only will you have a cleaner home, but also better functioning and more energy-efficient appliances.

4. Plan family meals by decluttering your fridge

Sometimes, we tend to forget to clean out the fridge and let the groceries pile up. During times like these, make decluttering the fridge a chance to plan your family meals better.

Sort your fridge out by putting perishable goods in the front and centre, and remember to separate your fruits and vegetables. Once everything is in order, you can now easily plan your family meals. A neater, well-organised fridge provides better airflow, and this in return, will lead to lower energy usage for your fridge.

5. Try out no-bake recipes for a change

Spending every weekend baking yummy treats with your family? While it makes an awesome bonding sesh, did you know that the oven requires a lot of power to operate, making it one of the home appliances that uses the most electricity?

But, instead of cancelling your weekly bake sessions, why not try out no-bake recipes like no-bake cheesecake, no-bake cookies, pudding, and more! This way, not only do you still get to make yummy treats with your loved ones, but you also get to save more energy in the long run.

Looking for more tips? TNB has taken the initiative to share simple tips you can implement to save on your energy consumption.

Knowing that everyone is struggling to conserve electricity as they stay at home, we can move towards smart living by adopting energy-efficient ways at home.

Whether you live alone, with flatmates, or with your family, the tips aim to assist you in being more aware of how you're consuming energy, so that you're not only saving on your energy usage, but also helping to preserve the environment.

Wanna know more about their energy-saving tips? Check out TNB's website for more info!

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