We Asked Kids What They Want To Be When They Grow Up And Their Answers Are The Best

Dream big, little ones!

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Kids have the biggest dreams because they have no limitations, and it's just the best!

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There's nothing quite like talking to a child about how they imagine their future. With bright eyes and big smiles that light up the room, they can dream up entire new worlds!

As parents, we want nothing more than to protect our children and their dreams. Now with PRUWealth Plus, you can do just that and build a legacy for the next generation.

In partnership with Prudential, we asked 12 kids what they want to be when they grow up. Here's what they said:

1. "I want to be an astronaut because I want to visit Saturn"

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- Xuan Cheng, 6 years old.

2. "I want to be a fire engine like Marshall [from Paw Patrol] so I can wash fire!"

- Hannah, 4 years old.

3. "I want to be a Godzilla animator or a Godzilla suit actor because I can make Godzilla do whatever I want it to do!"

- Umar, 8 years old.

4. "I want to make people happy with videos about food and movies"

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"I want to be a YouTuber when I grow up. I like making people feel happy. I want to do it through my videos. My favourite type of videos are food and movie reviews and vlogs. I also like being famous!"

- Arjun, 11 years old.

5. “My dream is to be an entomologist so I can study insects, learn from them, and help protect them using technology."

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"I want to find a way to help bees repopulate so our ecosystem will be balanced. Because bees are going extinct and it’s a big problem!”

– Ayub, 10 years old.

6. “I want to be a police and a doctor and a gymnastics [sic] and a zombie"

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"And I want to drive a police car and go round and round and round and catch all the bad guys and put them in the JAIL! And I want to put my brother in the jail because he is so naughty!”

– Aisha, 3 years old.

7. "When I grow up I aspire to be a chef. I choose to be one because I believe that food has the power to bring people together."

Image via KarMun

"Food also is able to bring happiness to a person. Being able to create something that a person enjoys is the greatest satisfaction I can get, therefore I want to be capable of bringing that joy to as many people possible."

- KarMun, 17 years old.

8. “I want to be a magician because I can perform on stage with daddy when I grow older”

Image via Ng Phui Lin

- Ryukenzo Tan, 5 years old.

9. "I can't say for sure what I want to become in the future, but I know I want to be part of something that helps others and brings people together!"

Ashling is front and centre.

Image via Ashling Ng

"I love choreographing for my dance crew, playing keyboard in the band, and conducting for my school's chorus speaking team."

- Ashling, 17 years old.

10. "I have two dreams: to be a farmer AND a baker because I like feeding people."

Image via Clara Guzman

"My favorite game is playing picnic. I baked my own birthday cake when I turned 5. I prepared papaya seeds and planted them. I even grew my own beansprouts!"

- BianKa, 5 years old

11. “I have a plan. I will be a gamer and my best friend is going to film school, so together we will film, edit, and become YouTubers."

Image via Ninja Housewife

"And I want to be better and better at maths so that I can calculate our money and budget and spending on ads and buying equipment and stuff like that.”

– Sulaiman, 7 years old.

12. "I want to be a professional golf player and use my winnings to build schools for the underprivileged"

Image via Fiona Lam

"I started playing golf at the age of 4, then after a two-year break, went back to the sport at age 8. My dream is to win as many tournaments as I can and also helping out the world at the same time. I want to build a school for children whose families cannot afford education so they can have a better life."

- Alyssa, 16 years old.

Kids are awesome! And whether they want to be an animated fire engine or an astronaut exploring outer space, there’s nothing more important than safeguarding those dreams.

Image via Ninja Housewife

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