From Thrilling Off-Road Trips To Hidden Getaways, Here's What Owning A Ford Ranger Is Like

It's more than owning a four-wheel drive, it's living the 'Ranger Life'!

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Owning a pickup truck, especially the Ford Ranger is more than just having a powerful and versatile vehicle.

It's also about being part of a community of like-minded owners who share the same passion, values, and lifestyle.

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Whether you're a seasoned off-roader or an explorer, the pickup truck community welcomes everyone with open arms, and that includes your family members and friends too.

Ford Ranger owners get to enjoy exclusive access to Ford Ranger Getaways, a platform that offers the best selections of adventures for you and your fellow Ranger owners.

Whether you want to explore off-road trails, city adventures, nature escapes, or island getaways, you'll find something that suits your taste and preference. You can also choose to go on your own, with your friends or family, or meet other like-minded Ranger owners along the way.

Ford Ranger Getaways are designed to help you take your off-road driving skills to the next level, as well as to connect you with the community and the environment.

There's more! As a Next-Gen Ford Ranger owner, you can enjoy special discounts of 30% on Ford Ranger Getaways like these (one-time use only).

Check out some of the highlights from recent Ford Ranger Getaways:

1. Ranger owners enjoyed a thrilling off-road experience at M4TREC in Semenyih

Image via Ford

Some of the obstacles they faced during the off-road included steep slopes, deep ruts, muddy tracks, and rocky terrains, which tested their driving skills and confidence.

Additionally, the Ranger owners learned how to use the Ford Ranger's features and functions to overcome various obstacles and challenges, while having fun and bonding with the community.

2. Off-road enthusiasts in Sarawak got to pick up some basics and know-hows at Sar4trac

Image via Ford

They participated in a comprehensive off-road training course, where they learned how to handle the Ford Ranger on various terrains, such as sand, mud, gravel, and water.

It's noteworthy that East Malaysia's off-road experiences differ significantly from those in Peninsular Malaysia. The terrain in this expansive region is considerably larger and more intense than that of M4Trec, offering enthusiasts a unique and exhilarating off-road adventure.

Image via Ford

3. Ranger owners got to explore Cameron Highlands from a new perspective, enjoying its breathtaking views

Image via Ford

What better way to explore the beauty of Cameron Highlands than with a Ranger? That's what a group of adventurous Ranger owners did in a two-day grand highland tour that took them to some of the most scenic and hidden spots. 

Along the way, they bonded with fellow explorers over fun-filled activities. The highlight of the tour was the early morning drive to the peak of Cameron Highlands, where they witnessed a spectacular sunrise over a sea of clouds.

If all this off-road talk has got you excited, don't miss your chance to hear from actual Ford Ranger owners and experts in the Built for Life Podcast

Image via Ford

If you're curious to know more about the Ford Ranger and its community, you can listen to the Built for Life Podcast, Ford Malaysia's brand new podcast series on Spotify or YouTube.

Listen to untold stories by Ford Ranger owners as they share their experiences of being heroes and utility experts on episode one of the Built for Life Podcast. You'll be amazed by how they use their Ford Ranger to make a positive impact on their lives and others.

Watch Episode 1 below: 

Looking for a vehicle that can handle any terrain, challenge, and adventure? You might want to consider the Ford Ranger.

Image via Ford

The Ford Ranger is known for its impressive reliability, durability, versatility, spacious and comfortable cabin, as well as a large boot space. Whether you need a truck for work or play, the Ford Ranger can handle it all.

The Ford Ranger is also dependable as a utility vehicle, stepping up to handle any challenge with ease.

Beyond everyday driving, Ford Ranger owners also take pride in being a utility expert

Not sure what that means? With Ford Ranger, you can transport large furniture, appliances, or equipment for your friends and family, saving them time and money.

You can also use your Ford Ranger to assist during emergencies like flash floods, landslides, or road accidents, where your vehicle's capabilities and features can make a difference.

Interested to know more about the various Ford models or sign up for a Ford Ranger Getaways?

You can contact Ford's Digital Salesperson via WhatsApp (019-204 1200) or visit their official website to find out more.

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