This RM42 Million Fund Aims To Help SMEs Advertise On Premium Sites At Lower Costs

It is expected to benefit more than 2,000 SMEs.

Cover image via OHSEM (Provided to SAYS)

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Following the huge reaction to its launch last year, the Digital Advertising Fund OHSEM is back with a more impressive 2024 version

A collaboration between Dattel Asia Group (Dattel), REV Media Group (REV), and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), the 2024 edition of the fund is worth RM42 million and is expected to benefit more than 2,000 SMEs.

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), advertising is usually carried out on social media instead of on premium content platforms like SAYS, the New Straits Times, Berita Harian, OHBULAN!, and Siraplimau. This is largely due to cost, as it is often cheaper to advertise on social media.

Digital Advertising Fund OHSEM aims to help SMEs have more advertising options, by providing them with the funds they need to make sure their brand reaches their desired target audience, which could lead to boosting their sales.

Previous recipients of the fund have expressed how it has helped them grow their businesses

"The support given by the OHSEM advertising team is very good, including AI-based target audience advisory services, as well as creative development," said Mr Mad of Ocean Sports.

Meanwhile, Cikgu Naimah of AKLI shared, "Advertising funds are very helpful for entrepreneurs. SMEs are able to get effective digital advertising at a very reasonable price and we are grateful to be able to be assisted by an experienced OHSEM advertising team that is ready to help at any time."

So, what exactly does the fund entail?

SMEs will be able to access advertising worth RM8,000 for as low as RM1,000. Successful fund applicants will receive a free advertising voucher worth RM7,000, access to user data platforms worth RM10,000, and discounts of up to 85% for advertising products and marketing technology.

SMEs will also get access to a user data profiling platform for more accurate targeting, as well as the AI-powered REV Ad Manager platform.

According to Ashran Dato Ghazi, CEO of Dattel Asia Group, this fund is very strategic and has a three-way impact:

1. Impact to SMEs
- Get access to advertising on premium content sites under REV Media Group at SME-friendly prices
- SMEs have the option to run ads on platforms other than social media

2. Impact to local content platforms
- With SMEs advertising on local content platforms, this can ensure a more sustainable and healthier local content landscape

3. Impact to the country's economy
- With Malaysians spending on platforms like Facebook, money is indirectly going out of the country. This fund can be seen as a way of boosting the country's economy and generating economic locally.

Applications for Digital Advertising Fund OHSEM are open, so apply now to secure your spot!

The fund is limited to the first 2,000 entrepreneurs who make an approved application. Approval will be notified within 48 hours.

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