Here's What You Should Do If You Ever Witness A Fire In Malaysia

Always be prepared. You might just save a life.

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Fires can occur at any point in time, trapping people or animals in buildings and homes. It's important to take note of what to do in case a fire breaks out.

It can be a life or death situation, giving you a small window of opportunity to act.

First and foremost, stay calm at all times, as this will help you think clearly about what to do.

Here are some steps to take if you spot fire or a billow of smoke coming out of a building or home:

1. If you're inside the building and the fire alarm has not gone off, pull or 'break the glass' of the nearest one you can find to alert anyone inside

If you're outside of the building or there isn't any fire alarm, yell 'fire' as loud as possible several times. This will allow anyone inside the house or building to have enough time to escape to safety.

Image via Fire Systems

2. Call 999 (Emergency hotline) to report the location of the incident

Often we might find spectators pulling out their phones to take videos or photos of the fire instead of calling the bomba.

Make sure that the Fire and Rescue Department is alerted first and on their way, as there could be people trapped inside the building or house that we cannot see from the outside. Never assume that someone has already called the department.

3. Make way for the bomba and ambulance, especially if the building or house is next to a busy road

4. Don't enter the building. If there are civilians attempting to go in, try to prevent them from doing so.

Some people may have loved ones trapped inside and may not be thinking rationally at that moment.

It's important to try to get them to assemble at a safe distance from the fire and assure them that the authorities are on their way.

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Image via John Raj/The Republic of Bangsar/Coconuts KL

5. If you're inside the building and the fire is small (wastebasket size or less), use a fire extinguisher but only if you know how to and it's safe to do so; otherwise, get out

How to use a fire extinguisher:
1. Pull out the safety pin from the handle
2. Aim the nozzle, cone, or horn at the base of the fire
3. Sweep from side to side

Image via Carousell

Here are other emergencies you can prepare for as well:

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