"No Wonder You're Fat" — Woman Gets Insulted By Her Male Colleague After Ordering Lunch

According to the woman, she weighs 58kg.

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Food is one of the biggest joys every person can splurge on from time to time. Spoiling yourself shouldn't be a crime.

But what happens when we're made to feel bad about ordering some items that may just make our day a little brighter?

A recent confession made to the Facebook page XUAN Play has garnered a slew of attention after a woman anonymously expressed her frustration towards one of her colleagues during a lunch session they had together.

Opening her story, the woman explained how during one food outing, she decided to order three items for herself: one bowl of pan mee, two portions of dim sum, and a cup of iced coffee. After her food arrived, one of her male colleagues had something not so flattering to say to her.

"No wonder you're so fat. You eat so much. Even as a guy, I don't eat that much!" he conveyed.

Explaining herself, the woman carried on by stating that she weighs 58kg, describing herself as "definitely not thin, but not fat". Ending the post, the confessor expressed how she hates her colleague.

The Facebook post of the confession.

Image via XUAN Play (Facebook)

The post has since attracted hundreds of other Facebook users, all who chimed in with their takes on her colleague's comment

Most Facebook users gave her witty comebacks that she could have given to her colleague, telling him off in a fashion that would be as shady as his remark

"Yeah, just like you, I also can't control my mouth!" suggested one user, while another stated that the confessor should tell the guy, "Whenever I see you, I get a big appetite."

A couple of other users also told the confessor to just smile and keep eating. "As you swallow every bite, smile at him. Smile until he starts cold sweating," added another user.

Image via Facebook

A plethora of others told the confessor to not be as kind or witty with her remarks to him, as he didn't mince words when insulting her.

"Give him these four words: None of your business!" added one person, while another user also told the confessor that she doesn't have to be nice to someone who treated her badly.

One commenter even wrote how shocked they were by the man's comments, as they felt that the woman did not order a lot of food.

"Is that considered a lot? I used to have a bowl of pan mee, duck rice, and a large glass of sugarcane juice," they wrote.

Image via Facebook

Nevertheless, one user told the confessor to take the higher road in these sort of situations.

"Don't be afraid. What a waste of time and energy. Just don't have lunch with him next time," he wrote.

Read the full confession post below:

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