Malaysian Mother Forbids Son To Add His Girlfriend's Name To House They Bought As A Couple

"She told me to put her name on the house instead."

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Part and parcel of life is reaching new milestones along the way with the people you love and receiving support from those who love you.

But can we always trust the people who "love us" to support us?

A Chinese-Malaysian radio station called MY FM recently released a confession post to their Facebook page that's getting tonnes of attention — but not for all the right reasons

Written anonymously, the post comes from a Malaysian man who is seeking advise on what to do in relation to a spat that's currently taking place between his mother and girlfriend.

Opening his confession, the man begins by mentioning how he currently works in Singapore. Expressing a great deal of happiness, he carried on by stating that he and his girlfriend have finally saved up enough money to purchase a home together.

"We managed to save up RM24,000 for the downpayment," he wrote.

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However, things soon turned blue after the confessor mentioned that his mother insisted on her name being put on the deed of the home — instead of his girlfriend

Giving her reasoning for making such a request, the mother allegedly told the confessor that he can only add his girlfriend's name to the lease after they get married and have a child together.

"My mother also wants me to add her name as a sign of respect towards her. She made it clear that she will be angry and upset with me if I do not follow through with it," he wrote.

Adding context to the situation, the confessor stated that he has the capacity to be in Singapore through a work permit, while his girlfriend possesses permanent resident status. He proceeded to mention that it would take him time to put the house under him and his mother's name.

After discussing the matter with his girlfriend, he stated that she expressed her frustration towards the situation, as she contributed money to purchasing the house as well. "We bought it as a couple, and it would be unfair to her because she does have a share in getting the house," he penned.

Image for illustration purposes only.

Image via Ron Lach/Pexels

Ending his confession, the man asked for help from the general public on what to do on the matter.

"On one hand, I have my mother. On the other, I have my girlfriend. I love them both. What should I do?" he asked.

Since being shared, the post has racked up almost 3,000 likes and received over 3,500 comments — most of which gave their take on the son's situation

Going in on the confessor, many commenters questioned how he could even consider putting his mother's name on the tenancy if she did not pay a dime.

"Hello, ask your mother to pay for the house too!" wrote one user. Another user said that if she was in this circumstance as the girlfriend, she would have broken up with the confessor immediately. 

Adding a thought-provoking question, one user asked the confessor, "What would you do if your daughter faced something like this in the future?"

Taking a few hits in the comments, many labelled the confessor as a "mama's boy", and advised other young girls to stay away from men who are too attached to their mothers.

"The girl deserves better than this. Mama's boy can go home and hold his mother instead," commented one user. "You're a better fit to be single, honestly," penned another.

Nevertheless, one of the commenters took a softer approach when addressing the confessor, considering the prevailing circumstances. "I also love my mother very much, but this issue can be easily resolved. Whoever pays for the item gets the right to have their name on the house. It's as simple as that."

One of the most fruitful comments of the bunch, however, came from a user who told the confessor to put his emotions aside when making this decision, despite loving both his mother and his girlfriend.

"Who contributed money gets to put down the name of whoever they please. Have you ever bought a house, not put your name on the deed, and just went along with it? It's about who gives the money, that will be fair!"

Read the full confession post on Facebook below:

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