You Know Your Family Is Super 'Geng' If They Do These Things To Prep For CNY

Getting ready for CNY is serious business k.

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1. Going to the mall reaaally early in the morning when everyone else is still having breakfast at home

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So that you can beat the crowds and actually be able to find parking. You confirm get dragged out of bed at some ungodly hour of the morning to teman your parents 'cause you gotta help to carry everything.

2. Comparing prices at all the different supermarkets

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When it comes to stocking up for CNY, your parents won't play play one. Every supermarket will have their own special promos and, somehow they'll get their hands on a copy of all the catalogues.

They'll be busy comparing prices for the must-have groceries and snacks, circling and ticking the ones they need. Oh, don't forget the coupons too.

3. Pakat-ing with relatives to buy in bulk

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'Cause cheaper mah! Plus, makes your life so much easier if your aunty/uncle is the one doing all the shopping for your family. They'll prolly come and drop everything off at your place too. Win liao lor.

4. You’ve already made your orders for CNY treats waaayy ahead of everyone else

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And if you have family or friends who supply them, you always know how to sweet talk your way into getting discounts or if you're really lucky, FOR FREE hehe!

5. Your mother starts buying CNY deco for the house a week after Christmas...

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6. ...and she also forced your entire family to get a haircut a month ago to avoid CNY rates

And no matter how much you protest that you don't want a haircut or that your hair will grow out by CNY she won't listen.

7. You only pay for CNY goodies with credit cards that give you more perks

Points, discounts, cashback...anything oso can!

8. You make sure all your new CNY outfits are bought at a discounted price

You probably started shopping in December to take advantage of all the year-end sales.

9. There's no such thing as "not enough angpow packets" in your family

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You've been collecting from all the different banks the second they started giving them out and now there's a ready stock in your house.

10. There’s already a drawer filled with stacks of new notes from last year so you don’t have to hunt for them this year

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11. You know that it's the best time to ambil peluang of all the CNY promos and buy a new car!

Plus, there’s the added bonus of impressing all your relatives by rolling up to the reunion dinner in a stylish brand new ride.

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4. You'll be able to keep your family safe while you travel
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