From Trishaw To A 92-Year-Old Family-Run Business: Beca Tea Is A Haven For All Tea Lovers

One of the best teh tarik in town.

Cover image via Beca Tea (Provided to SAYS) & Brenda Mak/SAYS

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If you're a tea lover, you might understand that finding the ideal cup of teh tarik can be a delicate dance

It's always either too milky, overly sweet, or just lacking in that essential tea essence.

But when you find that perfect balance of tea that's "not too sweet" and checks the list for fragrance, flavour, and depth, it's like uncovering a hidden treasure in every sip.

This exceptional cup will keep drawing you back to that particular kopitiam or mamak, time and time again.

And that's essentially what Beca Tea does well.

Image via Brenda Mak/SAYS

Since its opening towards the end of 2023, this little shop in Damansara Uptown has quickly become a newfound favourite for crafting the perfect cup of teh tarik (or teh ais if that's more your thing)

Don't let its modern, visually appealing setup deceive you; the bubble tea trend had its moment and faded, but Beca Tea stands out as more than just a passing fad.

This family-run business had its humble beginnings with over five generations of experience in the tea trade.

With a commitment to quality, they meticulously source tea leaves from around the globe, recognising that true tea fans value authenticity, real fruits, botanicals, and whole tea leaves above all else. 

Image via Brenda Mak/SAYS

Local artists' masterpieces, dip-dyed in tea, hang from the ceilings in the shop, infusing the space with a distinctive and artistic ambience.

Image via Beca Tea (Provided to SAYS)

It all began in Fujian, China, where PC Koh's ancestors were tea farmers

Eventually, the family emigrated to Malaysia, continuing their tradition of blending and selling teas.

In the 1930s, PC Koh's great-grandfather used a humble tin trunk pulled by a beca (trishaw) to peddle teas around Kuala Lumpur. Over the course of nine decades, the family grew the business into a successful enterprise supplying teas to businesses.

Beca Tea is now the family's flagship, customer-facing store in Damansara Uptown. There's also a convenient outlet in Bangsar South where you can grab and go.

The Koh family's fourth and fifth generations have continued to build on this legacy.

Image via Beca Tea (Provided to SAYS)

The tin trunk that was used by Koh's great-grandfather to peddle tea around Kuala Lumpur.

Image via Beca Tea (Provided to SAYS)

The family business established 92 years ago along Jalan Tun HS Lee.

Image via Beca Tea (Provided to SAYS)

Steering clear of added sugars, artificial sweeteners, and syrups in their beverages, Beca Tea presents a range of tea drinks, each derived from one of five distinct tea bases: white, green, oolong, pu'er, and black cold brew

Among their offerings are various iterations of teh tarik, featuring flavours such as pandan-infused tea and chai masala, alongside specialties like Eden Rose, crafted with real rose petals and pure rose extract.

Despite our initial assumption that Eden Rose would resemble the sweet, syrupy profile of sirap bandung, it pleasantly surprised us. In fact, it became one of our favourite beverages from Beca Tea (and this is coming from someone who isn't typically drawn to anything rose-flavoured).

From left: Eden Rose, teh ice, and teh tarik.

Image via Brenda Mak/SAYS

Chai masala.

Image via Brenda Mak/SAYS

Teh tarik.

Image via Brenda Mak/SAYS

Their Lapsang Souchong Coconut Pure Milk Tea is a distinctive tea smoked over pinewood, providing a robust and unique smoky aroma.

Another standout is their Teh Tarik Arab Pudina, infused with fresh mint — a perfect choice for fans of After Eight chocolates or anyone who believes mint shouldn't just be associated with toothpaste.

Teh Tarik Arab Pudina.

Image via Brenda Mak/SAYS

Their botanical infusions are truly exceptional, offering options to suit any mood. Whether you're craving something light, citrusy, and refreshing, warm and comforting, or filling, they have it all.

Although each drink is delicious in its own way, the Blessed Fig Botanical Infusion, Elderflower Fairy, and Hacho Bano Oat Milk Macchiato were standout favourites that left a lasting impression.

Mixed with oolong tea, fig, and rosemary, the Blessed Fig smelled and tasted like Christmas in a cup.

The Elderflower Fairy, on the other hand, is a popular choice when you need a little pick-me-up, particularly on hot days.

For something truly comforting, indulge in the Hacho Bano. This delightful drink features black tea topped with banana and crunchy nuts — you just have to try it to fall in love. Not to be mixed together like cham, this drink feels like a hug, especially on days when bosses or clients are getting on your last nerve.

Image via Brenda Mak/SAYS

Here's a short video of some of the botanical drinks we tried:

Despite their traditional roots, the company embraces experimentation and offers creative options like nitro brews and tea-based shaved ice

If you're looking for something a little different and don't mind being adventurous, the Squash Supreme might pique your curiousity.

This unique drink layers tea with oven-roasted butternut squash, oat milk, balsamic vinegar, and grass jelly. You'll either love it or hate it, but it's worth trying if you're in the mood for something out of the ordinary.

Squash Supreme.

Image via Brenda Mak/SAYS

In addition to those, the shop also offers choices for coffee aficionados, juice-tea coolers, and matcha enthusiasts.

Beca Tea caught us by complete surprise with the variety of options they have, and we can genuinely say that they cater to everyone — whether you're a tea expert, a casual tea drinker, or simply seeking a refreshing beverage on a hot day, you just might find something to delight your taste buds.

Image via SAYS

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