Broga Hill Has A Restaurant That Serves You Steamboat & Beautiful Views

Escape into nature.

Cover image via YungChie Tan (Facebook) & @peilin963 (Instagram)

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If you're hungry after a hike or just need an escape from the city, there's a cafe and restaurant tucked away on Broga Hill surrounded by greenery

Orchard Hill, which opened a couple of years ago, offers visitors a mini getaway into nature while they dine

The cafe serves brunch items, including pasta, wraps, salads, desserts, and other Western and Asian meals. 

If you're craving steamboat, there's a weekend menu with four main types of soups: house special mala, tom yam, herbal bone, and tomato, including a specialty pandan coconut soup

You can toss in pork, beef, lamb, and chicken slices, as well as seafood items like prawns, scallops, and more. 

All steamboat sessions are available from Friday to Sunday, and on public holidays. 

Within the vicinity is a durian orchard – yes, you can get durian cravings satisfied too – a small pond, and paths where you can stroll around after eating or watch the sunset

Image via Orchard Hill

There's also a fish feeding section for little ones to experience. 

How to get to Orchard Hill:

Broga Orchard Hill, Lot 3009, Jalan Tanah Pinggir,
Broga, 71750 Lenggeng, Negeri Sembilan

Cafe opening hours:
11am – 6pm (Monday to Friday)
8am – 6pm (Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays)
Closed on Wednesday.

Steamboat non-stop opening hours:
6pm – 10pm (Friday to Sunday; public holidays)
Closed from Monday to Thursday.

The cafe offers pork-free meals and steamboat sessions are non-halal.

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