Chef Kucing Bijak Ini Kongsi 11 Resepi Desserts & Minuman Viral Di TikTok. Meow, So Comel!

Kucing pun pandai buat air, meow

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Tak sangka, chef kucing ini ternyata pandai hasilkan air yang sedap-sedap! Kalah kita...

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Jom check out resepi yang chef kucing comel ini hasilkan!

Pemilik akaun TikTok @thatlittlepuff ini mempunyai sebanyak 1.4M pengikut! Chef kucing ini rajin menghasilkan resepi-resepi air dan desserts yang sedap! 

Berikut merupakan resepi air oleh chef kucing comel:

1. Coke peach smoothie


How to make smoothies in 3 Sec You can try it with Coke/Sprite/Fanta (pretty much all the drinks with bubble) and Let puff know if it works!

original sound - ThatLittlePuff

2. Iced coffee


This is how you upgrade your boring iced coffee to the next level! What should we name this drink ? LaptopCat thatlittlepuff quickrecipes fyp

original sound - ThatLittlePuff

3. Butterfly pea soda


Want some of the items you saw in our video? Check out our bio and get them today!!! #quickrecipes #recipe #thatlittlepuff #meowchef #cat

original sound - ThatLittlePuff

4. Watermelon yogurt


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original sound - ThatLittlePuff

5. Puff special galaxy drink


Lil Puff just blew my mind by making me this Galaxy Drink watch til the end!!! #thatlittlepuff #meowchef #TikTokFashionMonth #recipe #drink

original sound - ThatLittlePuff

6. Grape yogurt

Bukan itu sahaja, kucing ini juga pintar hasilkan resepi desserts yang sama seperti hidangan kafe!

8. Matcha pudding

10. Mango mousse

11. Cherry blossom pudding

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Dahaga? Nak resepi air?

Nak tau kafe-kafe cantik?

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