[PHOTOS] FamilyMart Just Released Adorable Macarons That Look Like Bite-Sized Burgers

For those who can't decide between sweet or savoury.

Cover image via Tiffany Tay/SAYS

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In conjunction with their latest Raya releases, FamilyMart has come up with a creative new treat by turning a popular main course meal into an interesting dessert

From afar, the macaron looks like an ultra-realistic burger squishy toy, or like it's a detailed piece of art that's cleverly made with clay. 

The macaron is layered with several ingredients to resemble the components of a typical burger

As far as I can tell, the light sauce is made with cream cheese, the 'lettuce' is really coconut flakes, and the 'ketchup' sauce is strawberry paste.

The only component that doesn't have a substitute ingredient is the cheese slice that's between the 'lettuce' and 'ketchup'. The 'bun' itself tastes like chocolate, and is sprinkled with sesame seeds on both sides.

The resulting taste? A one-of-a-kind blend of both sweet and savoury flavours sandwiched between a crispy and chewy macaron.

It's not a treat to suit everyone's taste buds, but whether you'll enjoy it or not depends on your willingness to explore such an unusual combination of flavors.

However, if you visit FamilyMart for some dessert, but aren't sure if you want something sweet or savoury, then you should give their hamburger macaron a chance. 

The hamburger macaron is part of FamilyMart's new Bestnya Raya releases, which also includes mini oreo cheesecake, spicy chicken wrap, pizza, and more

RM4.90 each (Mini oreo cheesecake).

Image via FamilyMart Malaysia (Facebook)

Their Raya deals will run from 21 April to 1 June, so grab what you want before it's all gone!

RM6.90 each (Hamburger macaron)

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