Bored At Home? Check Out 10 Simple Recipes You Can Make With OREO Cookies This MCO

If you're looking for other ways to enjoy your cookies aside from dunking. :9

Cover image via Dinner At The Zoo & The Baking Explorer

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1. OREO mug cake

Image via The Craft Patch

Living alone? This two-ingredient OREO mug cake saves you the trouble of washing bowls and baking trays. Plus, you can bake this mug cake in a few minutes by using a microwave oven instead of an oven!  

Tip: Warm your soul even further by topping your freshly-baked mug cake with a scoop of ice cream. 

You can get the recipe here

2. Fried OREO

Fried snacks make the best teatime snacks. Check out this easy-to-make recipe, which only requires a pancake mix, minimal ingredients for the mix, and OREO cookies! 

Imagine pairing these cookies fried to golden perfection with a cup of coffee or tea, mmmm. :9 

You can get the recipe here

3. OREO milkshake

Image via The Spruce Eats

Need something quick and filling? An OREO milkshake does the trick! 

It's super easy to make, plus it's the perfect treat to satisfy your OREO cravings. Most milkshakes usually require a scoop or two of ice cream. Alternatively, a frozen banana can be substituted for ice cream, which will result in a healthier but equally creamy milkshake! 

You can get the recipe here

4. OREO dip

There are nacho dip, guacamole dip, and so much more, but have you heard of OREO dip? 

This dip makes the perfect addition to your usual snacks like strawberries, crackers, bananas, and even marshmallows! Or, just dip your OREO cookies into more OREO lah.  

You can get the recipe here

5. OREO parfait

Layer after layer of chocolatey goodness, yum! 

This mousse-like parfait features a combination of crushed OREOs as well as light and fluffy chocolate cream that go deliciously well together. Wanna make it more premium? Use dark chocolate and add strawberries! 

You can get the recipe here

6. OREO brownies

Image via i heart naptime

All you need for this simple and straightforward snack are brownies mix and OREO cookies.

With OREO cookies in your brownies, they're not only fudgier, but the cookies add a creamier taste too. 

You can get the recipe here

7. OREO pancakes

If you wish to have OREO for breakfast, simply incorporate the cookies into pancakes, hehe. :p 

You can whip up over four servings in 30 minutes with this straightforward recipe that requires common ingredients you can find in your cupboard.

You can get the recipe here.

8. OREO ice cream

Most good quality and yummy cookies and cream ice cream are pretty expensive, which sucks because what are you gonna do about those late-night ice cream cravings? 

Check out this cheap way of churning OREO ice cream. Best of all, you can add as many cookies as you want to your dessert. 

This recipe calls for only three ingredients. Alternatively, you can use whipping cream if you can't find heavy cream. 

You can get the recipe here

9. Chocolate covered OREO

This quick-and-easy treat requires only two ingredients – OREO and melted chocolate! 

Just simply melt a bowl of chocolate chips or any of your favourite chocolate bars to dunk your OREO cookies in. 

You can get the recipe here

10. OREO ice cream cake

Image via Lil' Luna

Ice cream not satisfying enough? How about an OREO ice cream cake instead? 

This recipe only requires 10 minutes of prep time before you pop it into the freezer. Plus, you only need five ingredients to make it, which is great because you no longer have to burn a hole in your wallet to enjoy ice cream cake! 

You can get the recipe here

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