Khairulaming Sells Out 13,000 Bottles Of Sambal Nyet On Shopee In 2 Minutes

"This is the fastest the product has sold out in three years of business," the content creator said.

Cover image via @khairulaming (Instagram)

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Food enthusiast and digital creator Khairulaming has been hitting strides in his career over the past few weeks — but this latest success may just be the cherry on the cake

In a post shared to the foodie's Instagram page last Tuesday, 11 April, Khairul shared a video after restocking 13,000 bottles of his signature Sambal Nyet on Shopee. 

Introduced by the content creator back in 2021, Khairul's sambal has been a consistent hit among Malaysians due to its diverse usage in the kitchen. However, the call for its availability may have just skyrocketed over the past week or so.

During the 46-second video, Khairul showed his phone buzzing continuously, as notifications for the sale of his product on Shopee kept coming in without a single break. Shocked by how fast the items were being bought on the platform, Khairul held up his phone to the camera to show real-time proof of the purchases.

"Oh my gosh, wait! I don't know how much is going," he said in the clip.

Screen grabs from the Instagram video.

Image via @khairulaming (Instagram)

At the end of the clip, Khairul revealed that the 13,000 bottles sold out in just two minutes.

The video has received over three million views on Instagram since being posted, with many Malaysians praising and congratulating Khairul for his success

Some users even joked about how fast the purchases were going through, saying that the Shopee notification couldn't even complete itself.

"The Shopee voice has a sore throat," joked one user.

Multiple users even did the math on how much Khairul earned from the sales, using the number of bottles sold against the price of each bottle.

"RM181,870, oh my goodness! Does Khairul need a financial planner? Thought of doing an analysis and forecast for Sambal Nyet," wrote one person.

However, some of the most fruitful comments of the bunch came from users who said how Khairul's success is based on how well he has treated his staff members

"You received blessings because you take care of your staff's wellbeing," penned one user, while another said that his success is gained because he didn't forget those who helped him achieve it.

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