Khairulaming Shares Weight Loss Journey After Doctor Calls Him Out For Using Too Much Oil

He emphasised that health is very important.

Cover image via @khairulaming (Twitter)

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Social media star khairulaming has recently been in the limelight after being called out by a nephrologist for using excessive oil in his cooking

As part of his Ramadan special series, the food influencer, whose real name is Khairul Amin Kamarulzaman, released a cooking video for sambal hijau bilis dan telur dadar (anchovies with green sambal and omelette), which caught the attention of Dr Rafidah Abdullah.

She said the food was oily and hoped he would prepare more healthy dishes in the future.

To address the matter, Khairulaming uploaded a four-minute video to explain his side of the story

In the first 30 seconds of the video, he thanked all his followers for their feedback regarding the issue and emphasised that health is very important.

He proceeded with sharing how he went from being 113kg four months ago, to 100kg today.

"My body mass index (BMI) has plunged from the obese range to the overweight range," he added proudly.

Khairulaming added that he personally knew the importance of a healthy and sustainable diet, as two years ago he went on a strict diet to reduce weight

He described his diet which required him to avoid eating local delicacies and only consumed brown rice, salmon and broccoli.

"It did work but right after that I started gaining weight drastically," he said.

The food influencer explained the he felt very stressed during this period of his diet because he couldn't enjoy the food that was around him.

"Eventually, I gave in and started consuming everything out of proportion," he said.

Having learnt his lesson, this time he took a different approach to get healthy.

"I still eat clean every day but at the same I also enjoy our local cuisine," he said.

According to Khairulaming, it is possible to substitute his recipe with healthier options, however, it won't taste as good as the original

"If you want to eat juicy and crispy fried chicken, you have to deep fry it in a large amount of oil. If you want to savour creamy mac and cheese, you can't use less cheese, or the taste won't be the same," he explained from a food content creator's perspective.

He added that not everyone in Malaysia practises a healthy diet, therefore it is up to his viewers if they want to substitute his recipe with healthier ingredients.

Dr Rafidah has since apologised to Khairulaming

In her apology, she said it wasn't her intention to accuse him of causing Malaysians health to deteriorate.

She also added on that she hopes food influencers will include the amount of calories in their recipes.

At the time of writing, Khairulaming's explanation video has garnered over three million views. Watch it below:

Last year, the Kelantan local was praised for opening a sambal factory in his hometown:

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