Thai Man Loses 10KG After Wife Promises To Buy Him PS5 If He Slims Down

Prab said that he plans to continue losing weight and has set a goal weight for him to achieve.

Cover image via Prab Laoharojanaphan (Facebook) & CNET

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Disclaimer: Take the exercise and diet tips featured in the story with a pinch of salt. Fitness and health is a personal journey.

Weight loss can be hard, and sometimes, we need some motivation to give us that push to lose the extra weight.

Some want to lose weight to fit into the clothes they want, others for health reasons. But for this man, it was for a gaming console.

Previously weighing 95kg, Prab Laoharojanaphan shared in a Facebook post on 18 October, that he decided to lose weight after his wife promised him a PlayStation 5 (PS5).

According to Prab, he managed to lose a whopping 10kg in just four short months. He proudly posted the results on Facebook.

Speaking with SAYS, Prab shared that stress from work was the main factor for him gaining weight as he would turn to food to cope.

The Bangkok local said that he had been meaning to start his weight-loss journey for sometime now but because of work, he put his plans on hold. It was only when his wife promised the gaming console to him that he put his fitness plans into action.

Side by side comparison of Prab before he lost weight versus after he did.

Image via Prab Laoharojanaphan (Facebook)

Prab's diet plan included intermittent fasting, in which he would fast for a set amount of time and only eat at set times

He started doing 16-and-eight hour fasting intervals, but slowly widened the time gap to 18-and-six hours, before finally settling on 20-and-four hours.

However, he is currently alternating between fasting for 20-and-four hour intervals and having only one meal the next day. Prab also said that he opted for a ketogenic diet, in which he dieted 80% of the time while allowing himself some treats for the other 20%.

"Cherish the moments when dining out with friends or on other special occasions," the Thai said.

He also shared that he alternated between doing cardio and strength training exercises as part of his workout routine.

Prab also credited his wife as a significant factor for his monumental progress in his weight-loss journey

He shared that his wife would not buy any snacks that were not aligned with his diet and even adjusted her meals to fit his diet schedule.

Prab later revealed that he is not done with losing weight and plans to continue dieting and exercising to get to his goal weight of below 80kg.

And even though he has yet to reach his goal, Prab will be getting his promised PS5 console in late November.

Prab and his wife who has supported him throughout his weight-loss journey.

Image via Prab Laoharojanaphan (Facebook)

All the best on your fitness journey Prab!

Image via GIPHY

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