Malaysians Divided Over Local Actor Eating 'Delicious' Nasi Lemak With Half Boiled Eggs

"It looks delicious but I'm also scared."

Cover image via @nabilmahir (Instagram)

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Classic Malaysian foods are what keep our culture strong and compelling — but adding a little twist here and there is a sure way to add vibrancy to our food palette

Malaysian actor and model Nabil Mahir has recently gone viral on Instagram after he shared a nasi lemak dish he found delectable, drawing a big reaction from many people online.

In the 38-second Instagram Reel, Nabil can be seen adding a bowl of half boiled eggs to his nasi lemak. Pouring it over his white rice, the moist eggs practically melt over plate of food. The actor's excited expression over the dish is clear as he mixed the eggs, rice, and sambal together.

After taking the first bite, a look of pure bliss is plastered across his face. In the caption of the post, Nabil asked if anyone has ever tried this combination of half boiled eggs with nasi lemak before, saying that in his opinion, it is absolutely delicious.

Screen grabs from the Instagram Reel.

Image via @nabilmahir (Instagram)

Drawing a big response on the platform, the reel has since garnered more than 800,000 views, with people giving diverging opinions on the dish

A number of people thought the combination looked absolutely delicious, with multiple individuals admitting that they eat nasi lemak like that too.

"Only real Malaysians eat like this!" said one user in reference to this pairing.

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

Another user even stated that half cooked eggs aren't just a great addition to nasi lemak, but to other Malaysian dishes too, including noodles and roti.

"Everything with half cooked eggs is a great combination!" they wrote.

Image via Instagram

However, a fair share of people maintained their uncertainty about trying out nasi lemak with half boiled eggs

"It looks delicious but I'm scared," wrote one user with apprehension.

Image via Instagram

A few people also opined that the display made them feel nauseous.

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

Nevertheless, there were some individuals who saw the dish for the first time via the reel and were intrigued to try it at some point in the future.

Image via Instagram

Would you ever eat nasi lemak with half boiled eggs? Let us know!

Watch the Instagram Reel below:

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