OMG, Mamee Monster Rolls Out New Limited Edition Bisnacks & They're Banana Milk Flavoured!

These snacks are oven-baked, so they have 31% less fat!

Cover image via SAYS/Fionaa Kessler

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Attention, everyone! Mamee Monster, a brand that we all know and love, is rolling out the all-new Mamee Monster Thin Thin bisnack... and they're banana milk-flavoured :o

Whether you've been hit by the banana milk craze, or are just looking for interesting new flavours to try, these yummy Mamee Monster Thin Thin Banana Milk bisnacks are something that you definitely have to check out!

Wait, but what are bisnacks? 

Bisnacks are Mamee Monster's version of biscuit snacks that are thinner, crunchier, and suuuuuper flavourful :3 They're a combination of a biscuit and a snack, wrapped in one, mmmmm~

Waaaah, now you can enjoy the best of both worlds with Mamee Monster's yummy Thin Thin range. 

Looking for yummy but guiltless treat? Mamee Monster Thin Thin Banana Milk bisnacks are the perfect go-to snack!

The Mamee Monster Thin Thin Banana Milk has 31% less fat, so you can munch and nom on 'em to your heart's content. Baking the bisnack gives the yummy morsel a nice bite and great crispiness too, soooo syok to makan!

The Mamee Monster Thin Thin Banana Milk bisnacks are very, very addictive

Its super crispy texture lets you enjoy a light crunch that's guaranteed to keep you reaching out for more. 

Bursting with texture, they're great for snacking at any time of the day, especially if you're craving for something to munch on. But it's okay, we won't judge you if you finish it all in one go, hehe.

Enjoy the oh-so-satisfying flavour of banana milk... mmm creamy with slight hint of banana, and not too sweet :9

Banana milk is sooo good, kan? Its light flavour is what makes banana milk extremely "a-peeling" in South Korea, and now it's taking the world by storm.

The Mamee Monster Thin Thin Banana Milk bisnacks lets you enjoy that milky creaminess with the added sweetness of a perfectly ripe banana in the form of a thin biscuit!

Its enticing flavour is perfectly balanced between sweet and savoury, so every piece just hits the spot in your belly, yummy~ Sounds pretty intriguing, right? Well, you'll just have to try it for yourself. :p

Since it comes in a canister, storing your Mamee Monster Thin Thin Banana Milk is very convenient

Say goodbye to leaving a messy trail of crumbs behind when you're stuffing your face with these yummy crisps.

Also, sharing is caring, so pass the canister around to let your friends and family have a taste of this limited edition snack!

Wanna have a taste of the Mamee Monster Thin Thin Banana Milk bisnack? Get a canister of your own on Lazada or Shopee!

Check out Mamee Monster's Instagram and Facebook for more updates.

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