Craving A Tea-Time Snack? Grab A Cuppa And Munch On These Tasty Biscuits During Your Break

Julie's biscuits never disappoint :D

Cover image via Julie's (Provided to SAYS)

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Julie's.

OMG gais, popular biscuit brand Julie's actually had a makeover a few months ago, and the new logo is soooo cute :D

Us Malaysians are familiar with Julie's traditional look, amirite?  But with the entire brand being revamped, she currently looks much younger and vibrant. She now looks up confidently and with a sense of hope towards the future, which is exactly what Julie's refreshed look and experience is meant to convey. So inspiring :D

FYI, that's not all they're changing up. Their iconic tea-time snacks like their signature Crackers and Oat 25 have fresh new looks too, check em' out!

Image via Julie's

Who can forget Julie's iconic crackers with their yummy, buttery taste? This iconic snack is an all-time favourite among Malaysians, and it's not hard to see why.

Their unique aroma as well as their crispy and flaky texture make them the perfect companion with a cup of hot cocoa, coffee, or tea. Bite into these satisfying crackers during your tea-time break and savour its appetizing taste, nyam nyam :D

Here are the different types of yummy crackers available:

- Sugar Crackers
- Golden Crackers
- Butter Crackers
- Wheat Crackers
- Osborne Crackers
- Veggie Crackers

Image via Julie's

For a flavoursome treat, dive into Julie's Oat 25 Series with rich and pleasant flavours such as Chocolate Hazelnut, Strawberry, and Ten Grains. 

Made with high quality oats from Australia, these delectable cookies are crunchy with every bite, and are ideal for an energy boost after sports, to ease your hunger, and for something quick to eat when you're on-the-go. 

Of course, Julie's other fan favourites such as Le-mond and their mouth-watering Peanut Butter Sandwich have brand new looks too :)

Check out their entire line of wholesome snacks that are the perfect tasty treat:

Image via Julie's

Whether it's their Love Letters, sandwich biscuits, or assorted biscuits, everyone has their own favourite when it comes to these homegrown childhood snacks. 

Despite having a refreshed look, Julie's remain to be a delicious treat made with quality ingredients, so locals may continue to enjoy their biscuits as they always have since the beginning.

Aside from producing tasty biscuits, did you know Julie's also produces entertaining short films? :D

When it comes to Raya ads, women are rarely shown love, as they are stereotyped as being busy in the kitchen, pestered about when they're getting married, and waiting for their children or grandchildren to balik kampung for Raya, haih.  

This year, Julie's wants to reimagine women's ad space in Raya short films by changing the script and giving women the love and respect they truly deserve. <3 Watch the ad to see exactly how Julie's does just that!

Craving for Julie's yummy treats? Head on over to your nearest store, or to their online stores on Lazada or Shopee to find more products to stock up on!

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