Seafood Lovers, The Manhattan FISH MARKET Launched A New Fish 'N Chips That Flames Up

The dish comes with a special flaming sauce that's creamy and slightly tangy.

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This Spotlight is sponsored by The Manhattan FISH MARKET.

Pssst... gais, something is flaming up at The Manhattan FISH MARKET.

They're introducing a new addition to their menu offerings — the Flamin' Fish 'N Chips, the first of its kind in Malaysia!

The Manhattan FISH MARKET has always been synonymous with fresh seafood and innovation in their menu for customers, and their latest offering is no exception.

They recently released the first-ever flaming Fish 'N Chips in Malaysia. Unlike typical fish and chips, this new style of Fish 'N Chips doesn't just promise to tantalise your taste buds but will also provide a visual spectacle that will leave you in awe.

As your order arrives, the server will flame up your Fish 'N Chips right before your eyes, woah! :O

This flaming process actually enhances the flavours of the food, giving the fish fillet a unique and deliciously smoky taste.

The star of this dish is, of course, the juicy fish fillet, perfectly battered and fried to crispy perfection. Each bite will give you a burst of flavour, with the fish fillet kissed by flames and bursting with juiciness. You can choose from a variety of fish, including dory, snapper, and Alaskan pollock. There are two types of batter available — the Famous Batter and the Spicy Batter.

Paired with a side of waffle chips, the crispy companion to the main dish, every bite will pack a delightful crunch.

What sets The Manhattan FISH MARKET 's Flamin' Fish 'N Chips apart is the special flaming sauce

With its creamy and slightly tangy taste, this flaming sauce adds a whole new dimension and style to the Fish 'N Chips. The sauce itself is flamed, imparting a rich roasted aroma and a caramelised note that enhances the overall complexity of the dish.

The Flamin' Fish 'N Chips also comes with a selection of new sauces. The Famous Batter fish fillet is paired with Spicy Tomato sauce, while the Spicy Batter fish fillet is served with Garlic Cheese sauce.

At The Manhattan FISH MARKET, they believe that it's not just about serving great seafood; it's also about providing a great dining experience like never before. This commitment is truly reflected in their tagline, "Seafood like never before".

So, are you ready to experience seafood like never before? Head over to your nearest 'The Manhattan FISH MARKET' outlet and try out the Flamin' Fish 'N Chips today!

You can find The Manhattan FISH MARKET's menu on their website.

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