Malaysians Share Their Love For Chilli And 5 Foods That Go Surprisingly Well With It

"It makes everything a little more appetising." <3

Cover image via Kedai Durian Farid Jalan Jelebu Seremban (Facebook) & RumahIBS

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If you're like every other Malaysian, you probably grew up eating (and loving) chilli, whether it's cili padi or pickled *cili potong hijau

And each of us has our own unique way of enjoying chilli — there are the usual pairings (like chilli with noodles), and there are also those who like trying out different combinations.

In fact, KFC has a special limited-time menu item featuring pickled cili hijau potong. Keep reading to the end to find out more!

We asked around, and here's what Malaysians enjoy eating chilli with:

1. "I like to make sandwiches at home with pickled cili hijau potong"

Image via Sirap Limau

"Cili hijau potong is basically the Malaysian equivalent of pickles on a burger or sandwich. But it's better, 'cause it's not just sour. It's a little sweet, a little spicy, it makes everything more appetising."

- Sabby, 29 years old

2. "Honey and chilli, for the perfect burn and sweetness to keep you going"

"You can use this as a marinade for grilled chicken, to coat your potatoes, or even as a dip for fries. Cili padi, chilli flakes, both of them work, whatever you can find."

- Resh, 26 years old

3. "We have this special cili padi combo that we eat at home in Kelantan"

"Basically, it's cili padi, budu (a kind of anchovy sauce famous in Kelantan), fresh durian, nasi putih, and salted fish. Sedap giler!"

- Karen, 33 years old

4. "Nasi kandar with sambal nyok (sambal made with grated coconut)"

"For me, as a Penangite, I find it so weird when people in KL eat their nasi kandar with sambal belacan. Come on, nasi kandar is not nasi campur. We eat it with sambal nyok!"

- Raz, 34 years old

5. "Instant noodles with any kind of chilli, depending on my mood"

Image via RumahIBS

"If you haven't tried instant noodles soup with sambal belacan, it's the bomb. But some days, if I want something lighter, I also like to throw in some cili potong hijau for a bit of a change of taste."

- Nora, 32 years old

Knowing Malaysians' love for chilli, KFC has come up with a limited-time menu item, just in time for Ramadan and Hari Raya!

Introducing KFC's Ayam Acar Cili Hijau, featuring your favourite Hot & Spicy KFC Chicken with its crunchiness and juiciness you know and love, now fused with the delicious sweet, tangy, and spicy flavours of pickled green chilli.

This limited-time menu item pays homage to the pickled cili hijau potong that we Malaysians love and grew up eating. In fact, it's something we eat with almost everything, from noodles and rice dishes, to dim sum and soups.

Sweet and tangy, with just the right amount of pedas, it's the perfect palate cleanser and complements our favourite local dishes so well!

You can order the Ayam Acar Cili Hijau as a two-piece or three-piece meal.

Or if you're feeling adventurous, you can get it in a Box Meal together with your favourite Zinger Burger!

2-pc Combo
- 2-pc Ayam Acar Cili Hijau
- 1 Coleslaw (4oz)
- 1 Whipped Potato (4oz)
- 1 Carbonated Soft Drink (M)

3-pc Combo
- 3-pc Ayam Acar Cili Hijau
- 1 Coleslaw (4oz)
- 1 Whipped Potato (4oz)
- 1 Carbonated Soft Drink (M)

Box Meal
- 1-pc Ayam Acar Cili Hijau
- 1 Zinger Burger
- 1 Fries (M)
- 1 Coleslaw (4oz)
- 1 Carbonated Soft Drink (M)

Enjoy a sweet, spicy, and tangy flavour bomb with KFC's Ayam Acar Cili Hijau today!

You can Scan and Order in-person at your nearest KFC outlet, or order via the KFC app for delivery or self-collect.

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