You've Gotta Try Nestlé LA CREMERIA's New Summer Berries Yogurt Ice Cream Flavour

It's creamy, refreshing, and super yummy!

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Nestlé LA CREMERIA's new Summer Berries Yogurt flavour is an absolute must-try for all ice cream lovers!

The yummy new flavour is an irresistible combination of yogurt from France with five different real berries - strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and elderberries.

Light and refreshing, it's the perfect sweet treat to beat the heat with as it'll cool you down without making you feel jelak halfway through. You'll definitely want to finish the whole thing, down to the last bite.

The stick version is coated with decadent soft chocolate ganache that blends beautifully with the ice cream, adding a new texture and perfectly complementing the flavour

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The chocolate is soft, rich, and totally smooth. It gently melts in your mouth with every bite, instead of cracking into pieces and making a mess. It's actually pretty similar to the popular premium ROYCE NAMA chocolate!

Besides this new flavour, you should also give the other Nestlé LA CREMERIA flavours a try if you haven't already

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Absolutely Almond is a classic favourite, with a familiar taste that will comfort your soul. Enjoy the deep, intense blend of vanilla ice cream, coated with rich chocolate and topped with crunchy almond slices.

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Or opt for Classically Mint instead for a cool, refreshing burst from the mint flavoured ice cream with rich chocolate coating.

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Tbh all the Nestlé LA CREMERIA flavours are creamy, refreshing, totally indulgent, and most importantly, super yummy, so you'll definitely enjoy them, no matter which one you choose!

The unique infinity shape makes them extra fun and satisfying to eat, while the new packing is super eye-catching, making it stand out.

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You can find them in any Nestlé ice cream freezer so look out for one and grab yourself a LA CREMERIA to try! Alternatively, you can also buy them online via the official Nestlé store on 11street.

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