These Are The 10 Most Popular Suggestions For Budget 2018

"Anda ada peranan penting dalam pembentukan #Bajet2018. Sama-sama kita membina masa depan."

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On 4 September, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak posted a status on Facebook, urging Malaysians to contribute their ideas for Budget 2018

"Anda ada peranan penting dalam pembentukan #Bajet2018. Sama-sama kita membina masa depan (You play an important part in the formulation of #Bajet2018. Together we build the future)," read Najib's status.

The ideas can be submitted via the #bajet2018 microsite from 4 until 18 September.

The interactive site allows users to post ideas for different areas of development and also like and dislike ideas posted by other people.

Here are the top 10 most liked ideas for #bajet2018:

1. Increase the allowance for civil servants

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"YAB Dato Seri, as everyone knows, that the cost of living has increased. So, to cover these expenses, I suggest that the service allowance for civil servants to be increased."

2. Increase the salary and allowance for civil servants

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"With the rising cost of living, I suggest the salary to be increased by 4% based on the current inflation rate. Increase the housing allowance by RM100 because rent and the price of houses are also expensive. The housing allowance will reduce the burden of civil servants. Raising the income of civil servants will in turn increase their buying power. This will boost the country's economy and revenue."

3. Offer a two-month bonus to public servants

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"I feel sorry for civil servants that have not received any bonus since 2013. So, I hope that Datuk Seri Najib can give bonus to civil servants and reduce their burden as the price of things have increased greatly."

4. Scrap the renewal fees for driving licenses

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"Make it such that the payment for driving license in a one-off thing and there's no need to ever renew it."

The yearly renewal fees for driving license in Malaysia is RM30. Drivers have the option of either renewing it for a minimum of one year or a maximum of five years. There's GST and a service charge of RM2 for every renewal.

5. Increase the allowance for PSIMP and PPISMP trainee teachers

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"I suggest that the allowance for trainee teachers who are part of the Program Ijazah Sarjana Muda Perguruan (PISMP) to be increased again. Also, please continue providing the allowance for trainees in the June 2018 intake.

"This is because the allowance is used to prepare the teaching materials for students. In addition, the allowance is also used to cover the cost of living. Trainee teachers who in the PISMP and PPISMP programmes are considered civil servants and are not the same as students who are in public and private universities. Institut Pendidikan Guru (IPG) trains young teachers who are the future of the country."

6. Give teachers a special allowance as an appreciation for their service

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"Assalamualaikum Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, please kindly offer a special allowance for all teachers. The suggested amount is around RM350 to RM500, to appreciate the sacrifices of the 350,000 teachers, who make up one third of the civil service workforce."

7. Make changes to the rebates for income tax

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"Dato Sri, I would like to suggest that the RM400 tax rebate currently enjoyed by those with a taxable income of less than RM35,000 is amended to RM50,000, in line with the current payroll and minimum wages. In addition, I recommend that individual tax relief (self) be increased from RM9,000 to RM12,000."

8. Set service grades for polytechnic and community colleges based on academic qualification for PPPT officers

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"Dato Sri, in facing the evolution of Industry 4.0 in the higher education sector such as in polytechnics and community colleges, there have been various efforts to keep up with it, including RnD activities developed by lecturers. Therefore, I propose that Pegawai Skim Pendidikan Pengajian Tinggi (PPPT) officers also receive recognition, like in public universities, for Gred Perkhidmatan according to their respective academic qualifications. Ie. DH51 / 52 (PhD) and DH45 / 46 (Master)."

9. Open hospitals that are specialised for children

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"YAB Dato 'Seri, I propose that the government opens specific hospitals for children so that they are able to:

"1. Meet the needs of children which are different from adults.
"2.Focus on treatments for children, including the psychological aspects of it in particular.
"3. Become a specialised surgery hospital for children. An example of this is the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh."

10. Give recognition to technical professionals

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"Please give recognition to technical professionals - engineers, architects, quantifiers, and also take into account their significant contribution to the country.

According to statistics, the construction industry accounts to 15% of the GDP. Without these people, there wouldn't be hospitals, schools, universities, ports, airports, and offices.

"I'd like to suggest for these technical professionals that carry titles like Ir., Ar., and Sr. to be recognised properly as they bear the same liabilities like doctors who are responsible for their patients' lives."

What do you think about the popular suggestions for #bajet2018? Let us know in the comment section below.

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