17-Year-Old Electrocuted To Death As Metal Bed Frame Came Into Contact With Worn Out Cable

The cable came in contact with the victim's metal bed and killed her instantly.

Cover image via Viral Press/Daily Mail

A teen in Thailand was electrocuted to death after charging her phone with a worn out extension cable

The victim, Nong Ying.

Image via Viral Press/Daily Mail

According to New Straits Times,  the victim is 17-year-old Nong Ying from Chaiyaphum, northeastern Thailand.

The incident took place on Friday, 1 November at the victim's home.

The victim was using a frayed extension plug wrapped with duct tape.

The exposed part of the cable appeared to have come into contact with her metal bed frame and killed her instantly.

Berita Harian reported that the victim's mother returned home and found the teenager lying still on her bed.

"I thought that my daughter was asleep and tried to wake her up. I felt a minor electrical shock when I touched her."

She then hurriedly cut the power, but her daughter was already dead.

The victim had burn marks on the palm of her left hand from where she was holding her phone.

Police say they are not ruling out other possibilities that may have caused the death

Investigating officer Police Captain Khanti Peansoongnern believes that the victim might have accidentally touched the metal bed and got electrocuted, according to Harian Metro.

"We need to collect evidence from the scene and examine the body for the post-mortem examination before we can confirm her cause of death. We will not rule anything out at this stage," he added.

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