People Have Mixed Reactions Over PLUS Removing Reload Booths From Its Highways Nationwide

The new rule is implemented to reduce road congestion and accidents.

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Beginning today, 5 November onwards, there will be no Touch 'n Go (TnG) reload services at PLUS highway toll exits nationwide

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The move was first implemented in August and has reportedly reduced congestion in the central region by 48.2%, as drivers have had to ensure that their Touch 'n Go cards have sufficient balance before entering the highway.

It was also implemented to reduce road accident cases, where heavy vehicles crashed into toll booths.

With the rule extended nationwide, however, several people have complained about its inefficiency because the e-wallet system is not applicable at all tolls

The TnG e-wallet system is meant to make it easier for drivers to pay for tolls via RFID or PayDirect. However, not all tolls have implemented the system.

"Hi. Kindly please sustain your system first and make sure TnG e-wallet are accessible to ALL TOLL. Pantai Timur still can't use e-wallet. (sic)"

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"If they want to close [the reload booths] it’s not a problem, as long as we can top-up using e-wallet. If not, it is easier to make it so both can be topped up online. But it's not, and when we go to the petrol station, we get charged instead. Go to the kiosk, the machine is broken."

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"Pay Direct should be implemented at all highway tolls to make it easier, instead of having to top-up our cards at kiosks with a 50 sen surcharge."

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"1. Went to Petronas for a top-up and the system said it was offline.

2. Reload on e-wallet but the toll gate didn't sync with the system.

3. End up stuck at the toll gate and not even one staff came to assist."

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"Great so I'm stuck at the PLUS highway toll cos they don't accept the e-wallet system and I have no money to top-up my card. And the f*cking toll staff is asking me to leave my car and walk to the petrol station to top-up. This is batshit insane."

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A number of road users suggested that reload booths should be replaced with credit and debit card pay wave systems instead

"They should also have like those at McD (paywave) system so we just need to flash our credit cards/debit cards, maybe impose a small penalty fee of RM1 is also fine if they want to make money from it."

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"Why not just allow people to use their credit or debit cards to pay? Like in Italy, they use cash or card. That's the right way to go cashless. Not having to spend time looking for a petrol station to top-up."

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Meanwhile, one Twitter user attributed the cause of the issue to a dispute between PLUS and CIMB Group Holdings

Citing an article by The Star in December 2018, one Twitter user shared that PLUS wanted to implement the RFID system to allow users to use TnG and debit or credit cards but CIMB restrained PLUS from implementing it.

On 24 October, both companies reached an agreement, as reported by The Edge.

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Yesterday, 4 November, Touch 'n Go responded to a Twitter thread saying that it is currently working on implementing the RFID system at all highways

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In the meantime, customers are encouraged to reload their TnG cards before entering toll highways.

"PLUS is also engaging with Touch 'n Go Sdn Bhd to ensure all the Touch 'n Go kiosks are in good working condition at all times," a statement read on 1 November, according to The Star.

There are more than 11,000 reload facilities throughout the country including ATMs, petrol stations, convenience stores, rest areas, and shopping malls.

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