"F--king Mutts" – 2 Foul-Mouthed Men Removed From Flight In KL For Cursing At Passengers

The flight was delayed for nearly two hours because of the rude passengers.

Cover image via @_aizatrahman (TikTok)

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Two passengers on an AirAsia flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) to Phuket, Thailand, went viral for all the wrong reasons when they decided to make a ruckus on the plane before take off

According to a TikTok post uploaded by @_aizatrahman, on Wednesday, 4 January, the video's caption explained that one of the passengers was upset because he had misplaced his headphones.

However, due to their increasingly violent behaviour, whereby they allegedly began to punch the overhead compartments, cabin crew had to step in to calm them down.

Things came to a boiling point when the rest of the cabin began to heckle them to get off the plane so that the flight could takeoff.

Displeased by the heckling, one of the passengers, dressed in a cap and brown shirt, shouted that they would not get off the flight. His presumed friend, dressed in a red T-shirt, supplemented his friend's words by calling everyone on the plane, "F--king mutts" and "c-nts."

The two rude passengers (first two standing on the left) hurling expletives at other passengers.

Image via @_aizatrahman (TikTok)

Unable to tolerate both passengers' abhorrent behaviour, the cabin crew received orders that both men could not remain on the flight and had to leave.

At this point, the rude men had already delayed the flight for 1.5 hours.

Their abuse was not limited to the other passengers on the plane, as one of the men was seen shoving and screaming "move" into one of the cabin crew's faces as he was retrieving his belongings from the overhead compartment.

One of the flight attendants attempted to get the men to cooperate, coaxing them to get off the plane immediately.

"It is not our (cabin crew's) decision, it is the flight captain's decision," the attendant was heard explaining in a calm manner.

Despite their protests, the man in the red T-shirt finally complied with the attendant's orders and prepared to disembark the plane, but not before hurling another round of slurs and threats.

"Make sure you rip that c-nt's head," the man was heard saying, while he pointed to someone off camera.

His friend also disembarked the flight soon after, with many passengers cheering.

One of the rude men threatening a passenger on the plane.

Image via @_aizatrahman (TikTok)

According to @_aizatrahman, the two men were allegedly mixed martial arts (MMA) enthusiasts and were travelling to Phuket for Muay Thai.

Therefore, the cabin crew had to handle the situation delicately.

Image via Tiktok

Nonetheless, the cabin crew received lots of praise from netizens, who commended them for their professionalism and handling the situation with composure.

Image via TikTok

SAYS has reached out to AirAsia for a statement regarding the incident but has yet to receive a response.

You can watch the full video of the incident below:

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