"I'm Going To Push You Over" – Rude Passenger Threatens SIA Cabin Crew Over Water

"I'm paying for service!"

Cover image via simplyhappy777 (TikTok)

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Videos of a passenger mocking and threatening a Singapore Airlines (SIA) cabin crew member with violence are making waves across TikTok

On 8 November, flight SQ711 was en route from Bangkok to Singapore, where the passenger in question began to cause issues by behaving in an unruly manner during the meal service, according to a spokesman contacted by The Straits Times.

"After his multiple requests... our cabin crew assessed the situation and politely declined to serve him alcohol to ensure the safety of the other customers," added the spokesman.

The situation escalated when the plane landed at Changi Airport

Although the seatbelt sign was still on, the passenger in question disregarded SIA safety procedures by getting up from his seat and demanding water from flight attendants.

In one video, he demands water from a male and a female flight attendant. When another passenger tries to intervene, the man tells him, "I don't know you, f--- off!"

The video cuts to the man sitting on the floor of the plane in protest, claiming he had been asking for water for two hours. "I'm paying for service," he says in defence of his behaviour.

In another video later on, a different flight attendant calmly asks for the man's cooperation

The passenger can be heard yelling, "Why you don't give me f---ing water, you f---ing idiot!"

He continues to mock and shout profanities at the flight attendant, chanting, "Water, agua, water, agua," (agua is Spanish for water) before threatening him with physical violence, saying, "I'm going to push you over!"

The passenger was eventually escorted out of the plane by two auxiliary police officers, and other passengers aboard SQ711 can be heard cheering.

In a statement to New Straits Times, the airline has since apologised to the passengers whose flights were delayed due to the incident.

"The safety of our customers and staff is always our top priority," their spokesman said. "Singapore Airlines apologises to all customers on board the flight for the inconvenience caused by this incident."

You can watch the video of the incident here:


On 8 Nov 2022, on sq711 landed at Singapore Terminal 2 from Bangok this crazy passenger threatened to push over the sq crew if he does not give him water. The seat belt sign is still on and he suppose to be seated. Wasted all the passenger time for the ground staff security to take him off the plane.#stomp

original sound - user6163865113147 - user6163865113147

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