Thai Woman Calls Out A M'sian Man Who Allegedly Ran Away Without Paying For Car Rental

The woman alleges that after using the rental car, the man complained and didn't even bother to fuel it.

Cover image via Nana Hatyai Carrent (Facebook)

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A Thai woman has called out a Malaysian man and his three friends who allegedly left without paying after renting her car for three days

The woman took to Facebook last Friday, 30 December, to share that the Malaysian man allegedly texted her to talk about car rentals.

According to the woman, he told her that he found her through a friend of his, who also happened to be her previous customer.

At that point, she decided to let her guard down and rent the man a car without asking for payment first.

After using the car, the man also complained that it was not in a good condition, according to the woman

When the owner checked the car, she realised that they didn't bother to fuel up the car after returning it.

The woman then decided to expose his driving license and passport details in the post. 

Driving licence and passport of the man who rented the car.

Image via Nana Hatyai Carrent (Facebook)

Many Malaysians in the comment section were upset about his alleged action, supposedly for giving a bad image of Malaysia

They apologised on his behalf for causing problems in a foreign country, with some calling him a disgrace.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Facebook users also questioned why they didn't pay when it wasn't only the man who rented the car, but along with his three other friends.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, recently a Malaysian was fined for damaging vehicles after drifting his BMW in Thailand:

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