37-Day-Old Baby In Gaza Miraculously Found Alive Under Rubble After Her Home Was Bombed

The child was pulled out from the rubble after a three-hour-long rescue operation.

Cover image via @nooh.xp (Instagram)

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Against all odds, a 37-day-old infant in Gaza was miraculously pulled from the rubble of a bombed-out building, alive and unscathed

According to Gulf News, the baby was born in the first days of the conflict in Gaza. She was resting at home when it was bombed in an Israeli airstrike.

On 28 November, Instagram user Nooh Al-Shaghnobi (@nooh.xp), who manages an account documenting the harsh realities and brutalities of the war, uploaded a video showing how the infant was successfully recovered from beneath the rubble following a three-hour rescue mission.

According to Nooh, the sheer fact that the baby was recovered unscathed prompted civil defence members to celebrate the moment as if it were the birth of another child

"The baby was born in the early days of the war, but she is still alive. It seems like she was strong enough to endure the bombing in her home area.

"She was pulled out of the rubble at the age of 37 days, several hours after the family home was bombed," Nooh said on Instagram.

He also said that due to the difficulty of the mission, very few expected the child to survive.

"At first, we thought the baby had already passed away, but with high hopes, we worked hard to extract her," he added.

Currently, the status of the baby's parents are still unclear, and many are still wondering if they managed to survive the attack at all.

The Israel-Palestine conflict that started on 7 October has so far claimed the lives of close to 15,000 Palestinians in Gaza, with the majority of them being women and children

Following constant calls for a ceasefire, a four-day truce between Israel and Hamas forces in the area was agreed upon on 24 November, with several prisoners from both sides being released.

On 28 November, a deal brokered by Qatar to extend the truce by two days was supposedly reached, according to Al Jazeera. However, both Israeli forces and Hamas later accused each other of violating the truce.

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