4 Men Accused Of Raping And Killing A Female Vet In India Were Shot Dead

The victim's family expressed satisfaction over the police encounter.

Cover image via The Times Of India

Earlier today, 6 December, police in the Indian city of Hyderabad shot dead four men accused of raping and killing a female veterinary doctor

According to a report in The Economic Times, the four men were taken to the site of the alleged offence at 6.30am on Friday for the reconstruction of the crime scene as part of the investigation by a team from the Cyberabad Metropolitan Police in Telangana, India.

The accused then attempted to flee by trying to snatch police personnel's weapons and there was a crossfire, during which all four accused were shot dead, a senior police official said.

"They (accused) snatched weapons from police and fired on police and tried to escape... police fired in retaliation in which the four accused died," the report quoted the senior police official as saying.

Meanwhile, two policemen were also injured in the encounter.

A police van carrying the four accused from a police station in Shadnagar, on the outskirts of Hyderabad.

Image via SCMP via Reuters

The four men had been in police custody and were shot at the scene where the victim's charred remains were discovered last week

However, authorities have not released any additional details about the encounter.

Indian media couldn't say how many police personnel had escorted the four accused and whether they were handcuffed or roped together, as is usually the case in India.

Extrajudicial killings, called "encounters", are famous in the country where top police officers often involved in such encounters are called "encounter specialists" and celebrated in the Indian movies.

Police arriving at the spot where the four men suspected of raping the vet were shot dead.

Image via The Times of India

Following the encounter of the four men, people in the city celebrated with firecrackers and took to the streets to hail the police

According to a BBC report, approximately 2,000 people gathered at the scene of the killings and caused a huge traffic jam on the highway, where they shouted, "hail the police".

People also showered the police with rose petals and distributed sweets, reported BBC.

Meanwhile, the victim's family said that "justice has been done"

Expressing satisfaction over the police encounter of the four accused, the parents of the 27-year-old victim said that their daughter's soul "must be at peace now".

"It has been 10 days since the day my daughter died. I express my gratitude towards the police and government for this," the victim's mother said, adding that while her daughter will not come back, this is a sigh of relief for the family in their hour of grief.

"Justice has been done. I never thought we would get justice. No other girl should experience what my daughter did," she was quoted as saying by Mumbai Mirror.

Prior to this, the mother of one of the men had said that her son should be hanged or burnt to death if he was found guilty:

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