50-Year-Old Malaysian Found Guilty For Placing A Hidden Camera In US Plane's Toilet

A female passenger spotted the device as she was about to use the toilet.

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A 50-year-old Malaysian passenger recently pleaded guilty for planting a hidden camera in a plane's toilet

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Choon Ping Lee was on a United Airlines flight from San Diego to Houston on 5 May, when he installed a camera in the first-class bathroom, NBC News reported.

Lee, who is not a US citizen, was sentenced to two months of prison and fined USD6,000 (RM25,270) by a judge in Houston on Tuesday, 27 August.

A female passenger discovered the recording device's blinking blue light as she was about to use the restroom

The device was found dangling near the door's hinge.

Finding it odd, she wrapped it up in a piece of tissue and gave it to flight attendants.

Security staff later confirmed that it was a camera.

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Footage of the suspect installing the camera had not captured his face.

However, Lee was identified because of the distinct accessories he was wearing.

He had worn a watch on his left wrist and a bracelet on the other. Lee also wore a blue shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes.

Officers matched the description to Lee based on surveillance camera footage of him getting off the plane.

Lee was arrested on 7 August and pleaded guilty for video voyeurism, Malay Mail reported.

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