These Elderly Siblings In Perak Are Struggling To Care For 74-Year-Old Paralysed Brother

He became paralysed two years ago when he fell down from his bicycle.

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For the past two years, three elderly siblings in Perak have been taking care of their brother who is paralysed

Image via Malay Mail

74-year-old Ng Kok Ngow became paralysed when he fell down from his bicycle two years ago. 

Since the incident, Kok Ngow has been living with his youngest sister, 70-year-old Ng Lai Yee at a dilapidated house that is more than 100 years old in Jalan Lee Chuk Lai, Falim, Perak.

The brother's eldest sibling, 79-year-old Ng Kok Onn would travel from his home in Bandar Seri Botani on a motorcycle while his 76-year-old sister Ng Kwai Yee would take the bus from Gunung View. 

Both Kok Onn and Kwai Yee would visit their brother every alternate days to shower him as Lai Yee struggles to care for him alone

"When me and Kwai Yee come, all three of us will move Kok Ngow to a wheelchair from the bed before wheeling him to the washroom to wash him while Kwai Yee will cook simple meals for them," the eldest brother said as reported by Malay Mail

Kok Onn added that on days the duo do not visit, Lai Yee would buy food from a nearby coffee shop and share it with Kok Ngow. 

Ng Kwai Yee

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According to the eldest brother, Kok Ngow used to work at a spray paint workshop back when he was abled

"He used to be paid RM10 a day at the spray paint workshop but ever since he became paralysed, there was no stable income and he could only rely on our help and from neighbours who sympathised with us," Kok Onn said as reported by Sinar Harian.

"We need to fork out RM30 to send him to hospital for treatment on alternate days," the brother said, adding that they also have to spend on adult diapers as well. 

Kok Onn shared that he had 13 siblings, but most of them has passed on, leaving the four of them behind, according to Harian Metro.

Both Kok Onn and Kwai Yee are worried about the siblings' welfare in the future

The duo are worried that when they eventually pass on, Lai Yee, who is also a slow learner, will not be able to cope in taking care of her brother.

"We tried to seek for help from JKM (Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat) but it was difficult for us to apply as we needed to submit a lot of documents including a letter from the hospital," Kok Onn shared, adding that they were also not fluent in speaking Malay.

Meanwhile, Perak MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau chief Low Guo Nan has reached out to the family by scouting for old folks home

Image via Malay Mail

"I've helped the family out by applying to several old folks' home only to get rejected by them," Low said, adding that many homes were only willing accept Lai Yee as she was able bodied.

"But I am appealing to any homes to take both siblings in as Lai Yee can help to take care of Kok Ngow," said Low.

According to Low, the house is no longer suitable for the siblings to live in as it would leak during heavy rain and would get flooded, adding that those who are interested to help the siblings may contact him at +6012-5321128.

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