Police Are Looking For This Store Thief And The "Unglam" Photo They Used Is Too Epic

The evidence was disposed of real quick.

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Singaporean police are looking for a chips thief.
Yep, you read that right.

On 22 August, Marine Parade NPC appealed to the public about a theft that took place at a Guardian outlet in 112 Katong.

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In a Facebook post, the police asked if anyone has information about a woman who stole from the store on 18 August.

The poster shared on social media included CCTV snapshots of the casually dressed young woman caught in the act

While the police did not disclose exactly how many items were stolen from the Guardian outlet by the woman, one thing is being speculated based on their choice of photos.

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A bag of chips were one of them, and she was quick to get rid of the evidence.

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Amused netizens could not help but poke fun at two things: The police's choice of photo to spread awareness of the woman's crime, and the fact that she can clearly be seen wearing AirPods

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook
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AirPods are sold by Apple for RM879 (SGD290) with a wireless charging case or RM699 (SGD231) without a regular charging case.

However, several Facebook users gave the chips lover the benefit of the doubt by arguing that she may have simply forgotten to pay for the items she took

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"Eat and forgot to pay," a netizen commented.

Read the Marine Parade NPC's full post here:

If you have any info on the thief, double-check that it's the right person. Last year, netizens were almost convinced that this UK thief was a 'Friends' actor:

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