This 12-Year-Old Boy Saved RM1 Notes For A Year To Buy Himself A PS4

He started a small business of loaning comic books to his friends.

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The Internet has been praising this 12-year-old boy for saving up his money to buy himself a PlayStation 4 (PS4)

On Saturday, 15 December, his elder sister @farhanailiasa wrote on Twitter that her brother, Irfan, bought the PS4 with 600 RM1 notes that he had been saving for a year.

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Apparently, Irfan earned the cash from loaning comic books to his friends

From there, the little entrepreneur had saved up all of his RM1 notes throughout the year.

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"Just to let you guys know, my brother is a comic collector. So he has a mini business loaning his comics to his friends. That's how he started collecting money," wrote his sister.

Here's a look at the stack of RM1 notes:

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With a little help from his parents, Irfan was able to buy a brand new PS4

FYI, a PS4 Slim costs about RM1,349. 

According to Farhana, their parents did help a little by topping up the remainder for her brother's new PS4. However, it didn't diminish Irfan's efforts and hard work as they were all still superbly proud of him.

And so were fellow netizens who applauded the boy for being an inspiration

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Farhana's Twitter post has received over 13,900 retweets and 15,000 comments at the time of writing.

You can see the full post below:

Well done, young man!

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