A Husband In India Divorced His Wife For Only Cooking Instant Noodles Every Day

He complained to the judge that she did not know how to prepare any dishes other than instant noodles.

Cover image via Spoon Of Flavor & Nolo

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Couples get divorced for a myriad of reasons.

Recently, a man in the south western region of India sought to be separated from his wife because she only prepared Maggi noodles.

The case came up when principal district and sessions court judge ML Raghunath was talking at an event about the issues over which married couples sought a divorce, according to The New Indian Express.

The judge said that this was one of the cases he handled when he was the district judge in Ballari, Karnataka and that the couple eventually divorced through mutual consent.

The judge called it the "Maggi case"

It was noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

"The husband said his wife did not know how to prepare any food other than Maggi noodles. It was noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He complained that his wife went to the provision store and bought only instant noodles," the judge was quoted as saying by The New Indian Express on 28 May.

While the judge expressed disappointment that divorce cases in India are increasing drastically, others pointed out that the judge should have held the husband accountable for not knowing how to cook, too

In India, couples have to stay together for at least a year before seeking a divorce.

The judge said that if there was no such law, divorce petitions would be filed directly from wedding halls.

He, however, acknowledged the fact that (rural) women in India have no independence.

"...their fear of society and family sentiments force them to cope with the situation. But in cities, women are educated and financially independent (and therefore can file for divorce)," he said.

Meanwhile, reacting to the "Maggi case", several people on Twitter questioned if cooking is assigned only for the woman in the family and why the Judge didn't ask the husband why he doesn't cook.

On the other hand, a man, replying to the tweets about holding the husband accountable, expressed that "women are good for nothing" because "they neither want to work nor cook".

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