A Schoolgirl Has Been Pooping In Front Of A Seremban Shop While Her Mum Plays Look-Out

The mother-daughter duo has carried out the act for 3 times in a month.

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A secondary schoolgirl has been pooping in front of a laundry shop in Jalan Manickavasagam Labu, Seremban, since over a month now while her mum plays look-out

Image via frensofbn
Image via frensofbn
Image via frensofbn
Image via frensofbn

The owner, Datuk Adzwan Ab Manas, however, is completely clueless as to what could be the motive behind the girl taking out serial dumps in front of his laundry shop

The owner had initially assumed the faeces he found outside his laundry shop were the doings of a dog. He later found out, through CCTV footages, how it was a girl who has been defecating there while her mother plays look-out.

The CCTV footages revealed that the girl had defecated there three times.

Speaking to NST Online, Adzwan said, "The first two incidents occurred last month and the latest last Wednesday. When I checked the CCTV, I discovered that the act was done by the same person at the same spot."

Adzwan said that initially, he had planned to ignore the incidents assuming the girl could have some problems and needed her to relieve herself there and then

However, this assumption of him proved wrong after he saw the CCTV footage.

" was clear to me that the act was purposely done at my shop, and what was more disappointing is the fact that a woman, whom I believe is the culprit’s mother, was there covering her daughter when the latter was doing her business," he told NST Online.

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The owner said he will be lodging a police report soon

He added that, "there are many other laundry shops and food premises here. I don’t know why the girl chose my shop as her target. I have been running my business here for three years but this is the first time this kind of incident has happened."

Image via frensofbn

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