AEON Employee Receives Praise For Returning Missing Handbag Containing RM18K Cash To Owner

The owner was surprised that all the money was still in the bag, and thankful for the employee's kindness and honesty.

Cover image via AEON Delight Malaysia

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An AEON employee, Ram Akawal Mandal, recently received praise from his employer for returning a missing handbag to its owner

According to a Facebook post made by AEON Delight, the employee found the missing handbag inside a trolley at the parking lot of AEON Alpha Angle, Wangsa Maju.

After discovering the bag, Mandal immediately handed it over to the mall's customer service counter.

AEON also shared that the bag contained RM18,000 in cash and the owner's personal documents.

The missing bag that Mandal found.

Image via AEON Delight Malaysia

The handbag belonged to a woman, who came to the customer service counter to claim it

After she retrieved her bag, the woman was surprised that all her money was still in there, and was also thankful for Mandal's kindness and honesty.

She also wanted AEON to give the employee credit for returning her items safely.

"As a sign of gratitude, the bag owner asked for the company to give credit to Mandal for being an honest employee. Congratulations, Mandal! We are proud of your integrity!" wrote AEON, adding a picture of Mandal in the Facebook post.

The AEON employee, Ram Akawal Mandal.

Image via AEON Delight Malaysia

Netizens also praised Mandal for his act of kindness

Some users commented that Mandal did a good job.

Image via Facebook

"We are proud. Good job, bro," commented one user.

Image via Facebook

Last month, an abang guard was praised by netizens for returning a RM8,900 Louis Vuitton back to its owner:

In June last year, an elderly Singaporean man was moved by a Malaysian man who returned his wallet with over RM3,800 that he left behind on a bus:

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