Heartbreaking Photo Of Dog In Small Enclosure At Pet Store Sparks Outrage Among Netizens

The pet store only provided the dog with a piece of newspaper inside the small enclosure.

Cover image via Twitter

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A Twitter user recently shared a heartbreaking photo of a dog sitting alone in a glass enclosure that they deemed too small for its size

Upset by what they witnessed, the user tagged the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) and urged the organisation to take action and free the animal from the tiny cage.

They claimed that the dog, a Shiba Inu, was being sold at a pet shop in a shopping mall in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

They alleged that they went on two separate days to check on the dog, and saw that there was no food or water in the cage.

"Shame on pet stores in Selangor that still sell animals, let alone keep them in small and unlivable spaces," the user wrote.

"DVS, please help this sad dog that is being kept in a tiny and inhumane glass enclosure, and take action against pet stores like this," they added.

Image via Twitter

Netizens were outraged by the dog's living condition and left their thoughts in the comments section

One user was saddened to see the dog being treated so poorly.

Image via Twitter

"How much longer will they continue to sell animals in this condition? Can't we just ban them?" asked another user.

Image via Twitter

Meanwhile, one user pointed out that the pet store only put a piece of newspaper in the dog's enclosure, implying that this was inhumane.

"They only put a piece of newspaper, and it has limited oxygen and movement. This is animal abuse," they wrote.

Image via Twitter

SAYS has reached out to the pet shop for comment regarding the incident but has yet to receive a reply.

Selangor is looking to ban all pet stores from selling cats and dogs in the near future:

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