An Ustaz In Indonesia Claimed That The Korean 'Finger Heart Sign' Is Actually A Cross


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Recently, an Indonesian Ustaz took to his Facebook to claim that the famous Korean 'finger heart sign' was actually a Christian cross

Image via Cik Salma

He claimed that the sign doesn't mean love

"This doesn't mean love like everyone says it does. Be careful nowadays, and warn other Muslim brothers and sisters too," the Ustaz wrote.

In the post, which has since been deleted, he also warned Muslim brothers and sisters to be more aware of the photo poses nowadays as they might not be as innocent and fun as they seem to be.

While the original post was deleted, its screenshots were uploaded on the platform by others to circulate it around.

His misinterpretation of the sign, however, did not sit well with others, who chided him for his lack of understanding and poked holes in his Christian cross theory by inserting everyday stuff in the comment section

"Everyone, don't ride motorcycle after this. Ride camel only!"

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"So we don't have to use 't' in our sentences since the shape of it is also like a cross. Everything normal needs to be seen as a cross la, Illuminati la."

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"Friends, don't learn math or add math or whatever that uses the plus and times symbol after this. Those are crosses. Boycott math after this."

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"After this don't use cars because of the cross symbols."

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"Astaga, can't get any more stupid than this. Bashed a swimmer for using the symbol that day, calling it as a money sign or whatever. Now, it's a cross. Can he keep his stupid a bit?"

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This is what the sign really means:

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