73-Year-Old Baker Dies After Accidentally Falling Into A Dough-Making Machine

A strong burning smell had alerted his workers.

Cover image via The Straits Times

An elderly bakery owner was killed after accidentally falling into a dough-making machine on Monday, 25 June

73-year-old Ng Sew Kuang, owner of Ng Kian Seng Confectionery in Bedok, Singapore, was preparing red bean paste when the unfortunate incident occurred, reported The Straits Times.

His body was discovered when workers at the bakery sensed a strong burning smell coming from the machines on the second floor of the building

"No one was around him when the incident took place, but a strong burning smell made us suspect something was wrong," one of the workers told a Singaporean daily. 

Ng's daughter rushed into the salon next to the bakery and asked someone to call for an ambulance immediately, said one of the workers

"I thought it was a minor accident at first. I still cannot believe that he died," added Zhu Xiao Wei, who works at the salon. 

Zhu, who has been friends with Ng for seven years, said that as neighbours, they used to talk all the time. "He was a warm person, and everyone here knew him."

She added that she had seen the machines before and they were extremely big. "I cannot imagine how his last moments must have felt, being trapped in one of them."

Ng Sew Kuang and his wife.

Image via The New Paper

According to a 2014 feature by The Straits Times, Ng and his wife, Madam Lee Sai Kiow, had been waking up at 4am everyday for the past 39 years to make traditional goodies, such as tau sar piah, wife cakes, soft buns, and bread rolls from scratch.

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